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Food Craft: Radish Wreath

Food Craft: Radish Wreath

Springtime radish wreath

Looks like this spring break I will be home. Finally a long awaited rest en mi casa. I have been traveling and running around like a mad woman lately. Even though it may sound like a let down to some people, I just fantasize about staying home with my fiance and our son and maybe inviting some friends over for a nice dinner.

Okay so here’s the skinny… I decided to stop fantasizing about it and start planning my little staycation at home instead. I hopped in the car and headed over to Walmart. With no particular plan in mind, just as a way to rummage through the store and see what I could find. I walked aimlessly through the aisles and found myself in the craft area. There on a hook was a variety of wreath skeletons empty and begging to be filled with something. I remembered these cool wreaths I had seen a while back made of vegetables and thought “I have that white fence that needs some color to welcome in spring.” Before I knew it a wreath skeleton was in my cart and I had made my way to the produce section of the store to see what leafy beauty I could fill it with. I found little bunches of radishes and they were certainly priced right for my project. I grabbed 10 bunches and rushed to the cashier, so I could get home and start my project. Taking me one step closer to my staycation and making the place feel more like spring with a simple veggie wreath. Now all I have to do is pick up the phone and invite some friends over for dinner.

items needed for radish wreath

Items needed for radish wreath:

  • 8 inch wreath
  • 10 to 15  – radish bunches
  • thin floral wire (26 gauge)
  • Scissors


  1. Start by spreading out your radishes in clusters.
  2. Then cut 6 inch pieces of wire and wrap them around the radish clusters where they are gathered by a rubber band.
  3. Carefully place the radishes onto the wreath with the radishes pointing toward the center and the leaves pointing toward the outer ring of the wreath.
  4. Then on the other side of the wreath twist the wire to tie it to the wreath. twist wire to tie radishes to wreath
  5. Continue until the entire wreath is filled with radishes.
  6. Hang and enjoy for a few days.  side view of radish wreath