Keep Glowing With Microwave Mug Berry Cobbler!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Weight Watchers through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Glowfest, all opinions are my own.

glowfest microwave mug berry cobbler station

I was happily surprised a few weeks ago at the arrival of an invitation to attend the co-sponsored Weight Watchers and PopSugar’s #Glowfest. I carefully read over the invite and liked the overall vibe of the event. I felt like it was attracting my body/mind/soul and energy and for all the right reasons.  Glowfest was an event all about putting importance on taking care of yourself. I am a woman in my early 40’s and am super conscious of how I treat my body and what I feed it. When I take care of myself I feel good. This is not something I have always practiced but am extremely active now in my daily nourishment, exercise, and rest. Glowfest was promoting these precious treatments for the body, and Weight Watchers new Beyond The Scale emphasizes this idea as well, so I welcomed the invitation and circled it on my calendar.

When the event finally arrived it was everything I had hoped for and a much more.   First of all it was held at Smashbox studios in beautiful Culver City. The space allowed the event to glow bright in it spacious serene setting. Weight Watchers did an amazing job of proving delicious food stations educating the attendees on how to eat within their new SmartPoints™ system. All the food stations were demonstrating that with Weight Watchers SmartPoints™ no food is off limits. Their plan nudges you toward a healthier pattern of eating so that over time smart choices become second nature. Being a girl who loves to eat, I was quite impressed with how tasty, better for you and attainable it is to eat within their points. Weight Watchers Beyond The Scale is all about a holistic lifestyle. Weight Watchers offers a holistic approach to healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. They served lots of fresh vegetable, grains, eggs, beans, and fruit smoothies….nothing was off limits to my plate and I was happy.

avocado bowls by what's gabby cooking

Not only was the food amazing but they served it in the most creative way. Below is a picture of a vegetable garden, but it was actually an edible crudités garden. The base which looked like “dirt” was made of wild rice and black olive crumbs, all the veggies were ready to eat including the baby potatoes, and it was served with your choice of ranch, green goddess or chipotle dressing.

an edible vegetable gardenthe edible vegetable garden at glowfest

The fun didn’t end with the food. They had a manicurist on site doing nails for those who wanted to sparkle in the finger department, or just wanted to indulge in some “me time”. There were people getting massages at the mini spa and music filled the air with an extraordinary bad girl DJ pumping out the jams. Groov3 led a fun easy to learn dance workout, and everyone jumped along! The event busted at the seams with excitement. It dawned on me that working out doesn’t have to be intense, it could actually be a lot of fun. The key is to keep active.

glowfest DJGroove3 at glowfest dance at glowfest

keep glowing

I was inspired by the fact that the “keep glowing” motto not only encompassed an attraction to ladies my age but to women of all ages. It was uplifting to see so many people all of the same mindset of bettering their lives. Taking small steps to making for a better being, all while learning about Weight Watchers Beyond The Scale and incorporating a healthier approach to eating and being active in a fun workout routine.

I left the event with a reaffirmation of my own personal motto: Keep active, shine brighter than the stars with calm positivity, EAT to live….LIVE to eat, and magic will naturally follow you to keep glowing. <3

microwave mug berry cobbler

Here is a recipe for Microwave Mug Berry Cobbler: by Popsugar host Bandi Milloy

  • 3/4 – cup berries of choice – 0 SmartPoints ™
  • 2 – tsp sugar – 2 SmartPoints ™
  • 1 – tsp fresh lemon juice – 0 SmartPoints ™
  • 1/4 – tsp. vanilla extract – 0 SmartPoints ™
  • 1 pinch salt – 0 SmartPoints ™
  • 2 – tbsp ready to eat low fat granola – 2 SmartPoints ™
  • 1 – tbsp aerosol whipped cream – 0 SmartPoints ™


  1. In a small bowl mix berries, sugar, lemon juice, vanilla extract, and salt together to combine.
  2. Cover and micro wave until berries are soft. Depending on which type of berry you are using it could take anywhere from 2 1/2 minutes to 4 minutes. Remove carefully from microwave.
  3. Sprinkle berries with granola, and top with whipped cream.
  4. Enjoy!