Just call me a “California Latina Dairy Diva”

Recently I joined the ranks of The California Latina Dairy Divas.  Mind you, I don’t take this title lightly.  I have always been a big cheese girl and to be a part of this group nearly brought me tears of joy knowing I would be a component of the huge Hispanic dairy celebration.  Born and raised in the heart of East Los Angeles, California I feel I have been celebrating Queso Fresco and Crema my whole life along with all my neighbors around me, no wonder California is the number 1 Hispanic dairy state.  Of course it is, most Latinos use Hispanic dairy in our everyday diet, it’s practically as common as water.  It would be odd to open the fridge and not see a round of Queso Fresco sitting there waiting to be used in a variety of ways.  Actually when I was pregnant a few years ago Hispanic dairy was my savior.  It was one of the few cheeses I was still allowed to consume because it’s made with pasteurized milk….. Life was golden. I felt like I had one over on everyone else.  In other words, it has never left my life not even for a minute.

Let me share a couple of ways we use Hispanic dairy in my casita.  Well first of all crema could be poured on almost anything.  It is like a cross between sour cream and creme fraiche, except with a thinner consistency.  I will use it on savory foods and easily incorporate it into sweet desserts as well.  Try mixing crema with sugar then pour it over strawberries or a bowl of freshly cut mixed fruit for a homemade bionico.  That’s just one of many uses.

Oh QUESO FRESCO how I love thee!  I use queso fresco in many of my dishes.  I will crumble it and sprinkle it on refried beans.  I ALWAYS use it in my enchilada casserole.  I make gourmet veggie quesadillas then make rajas con crema on the side.  I garnish hard tacos with queso fresco or slice a chunk into my shrimp non fried tacos as well.  I absolutely love stuffing chile rellenos with Hispanic cheese.  Try it…. simply divine.  On those cold days when I have a bowl of chicken tortilla soup or fideo sitting in front of me, I will chop up pieces of panela cheese and add it to my serving.

Que Viva California Hispanic Dairy and The Latina Dairy Divas!  

Disclosure: This is part of a sponsored campaign with the California Milk Advisory Board. The opinions and tips are my own.



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