In the SNACK of time: Cakewich

All photos taken by: Nicole Presley

Snackas of the day: Raspberry Red Velvet Cakewich by Cake Monkey.  Raspberry cream filling sandwiched by two pieces of heavenly red velvet cake, then dipped in chocolate.  It’s no joke.  I had these little treasures for the first time while I was pregnant with my son.  Cake Monkey had a pop-up store in Silverlake, and a girlfriend and I went on a rummaging hunt to find them.  It was well worth the hassle, and we nearly bought out the entire menu…. couldn’t help it, we were excited!  Since then I have sampled many of their sweets, but find myself going back to the Raspberry Red Velvet Cakewich.  It leaves me for a loss of words.  Speechless.  I don’t want to think while I’m eating this cakewich.  I just want to lose myself in the divine world of Cake Monkey!


Here’s a picture of the packaging:



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