Ginger Lime Tea

Ginger lime tea is my GO-TO drink.  I love when there is a fresh pitcher made in my fridge, I know I’m giving my body something good.  In addition to it being refreshingly satisfying, it also serves many health benefits.  Feeling constipated?  Ginger lime tea is the answer.  Nauseous or morning sickness?  Ginger lime tea will fix that.  Got a bad cough or cold?  Ginger lime tea will knock it out of your system.  High cholesterol a problem?  Ginger lime tea will lower it.  Got an upset stomach?  Ginger lime tea will settle it out in no time.  It’s the miracle tea.  It really is.  Eating something greasy and want a drink that will cut through the unctuous bits?  Ginger lime tea is the best.  I can’t shout it out any louder.  I don’t know why it’s not being served in every household?  You want to impress your friends with something different?  Try ginger lime tea, it’s so right.  There’s nothing better for you and it’s sweet tangy spice makes any meal more memorable.  It cleanses your palate and quenches your thirst at the same time.  It could be enjoyed warm or cold over ice.  I don’t know if you noticed, but I’m way into ginger lime tea.  Once you try it, you will be too.

Ginger Lime Tea Ingredients:

1 – large piece of fresh ginger (the size of your hand or slightly bigger)

9 – cups water

1 1/2 – cups fresh lime juice (around 20 limes)

12 – ounces honey


With the side of a spoon, peel/scrape ginger clean.

Once ginger is completely peeled, cut ginger into 1/2 inch pieces.

In a pot over a medium high flame, add chopped ginger and water.

Bring to a rolling boil, and allow to boil for 3 minutes.  Then take off flame and set to the side.

Now to juice the limes.  Cut limes in half and extract all juice from lime into a bowl.  Either by hand or with a citrus press.

In a 12 cup pitcher, add honey and fresh lime juice.

Then take a rubber spatula and stir together well.  Until honey and lime become one.

Last step. Pour ginger water into the pitcher to meet up with the honey lime mixture. Turns out they really like eachother. 🙂  Then give it a good swirl!  It will be potent and strong.

Pour into several cups and share with friends.

Myself, Antonette, Marisela, and Tonantzin

Pour me some more! PLEASE!

🙂 For a ginger limeade spritzer: In a cup filled with ice, pour half ginger lime tea and half sparkling water.  Simply Revitalizing!

Ginger Lime Tea



15 thoughts on “Ginger Lime Tea”

  • Love your blog and told all my sisters to take a look and they love it too!!!
    My friend Kristen told me about your blog and I’m so glad she did…
    I’ve tried some of the recipes but I want to try all of the since they all look delicious.

  • Dear Penelope…as usual, my co-workers and I are loving the blog! The newest post for the Ginger tea is a must try. Ginger is one of our favorite things! Kisses…

    • Peeling ginger isn’t my favorite task either, but like you… I love the end result. I make this tea at least once a week. Especially in the summer months. I love it over ice. Enjoy!

  • This was a great find!!! I picked up some ginger at a farm on the way home from Ventura and knew I was gonna make this – I made sure the ginger was the size the of my hand, which I think was a perfect amount!!! All of your measurements were right on point!!! It’s so refreshing, forget that good for you stuff!!! And since I was going to see my friend Marin and her 4 year old son, Zachary I packed half for her and saved the rest for my man and his son = Major double points!!! Ford and Indy loved it and Marin and Zachary did too!!! Keep bringing the goods please!!!

  • I do agree the ginger lime tea is the best, it is now 3:28 am and I am drinking it as I write, for does of us that do not like pealing the ginger this is what I do, wash the ginger and juice it in the juicer and then add the juice it is easy and fast and you get everything from the ginger, you can juice enough For several days just freeze it in cubs and pop it out when needed. Enjoy.

  • This is the best natural elixir for me and my family. I always try to keep ginger and limes (and raw honey!) in the house and refrigerator to make this tea. It is sooo beneficial for everything. It helps with energy, takes away pain and keeps the immune system in tip top shape. I love the taste too—especially the ginger. I love it cold, but hot is great too. I made it slightly differently from the recipe you provided, but I will keep in mind next time I make this. This is the best drink in the world in my opinion, and I love making it and drinking it! Thanks Marisela for posting this! I thought I was the only one crazy about this drink!