A Triscuit Night Picnic

A Triscuit Night Picnic

I have a lot of energy…. I wake up full of life and love to stay up past midnight, almost every evening. I think the best of me comes forward in the night time hours. Something about the sun hiding and the calm of the stars makes me want to dig deep into my creative self and a lot of times touch the silly young girl that still lives in my heart. I believe now that I’m a Mom, the evening belongs to me more than ever, it’s the time I have to myself once my son goes to sleep. I gladly stretch my wings and usually get something comfortable to lounge around in. It is also the time that I work on the writing portion for my blog, or other work I may have. Most importantly, it is the time of the day when I make myself a platter full of snacks. I refer to this platter as my night picnic. I load it up with little nibbles I have laying around the house and pretend I’m about to set sail into the night on a boat under the stars. Or sometimes I will spread a blanket out on my lawn, lay my platter beside me, pour myself a glass of vino, and work on my computer covered in the night sky.

I start in the cheese drawer in my fridge, I rummage through the different types of cheese…..everything from queso fresco to blue cheese to aged sharp cheddar to gruyere to cream cheese. You name it, I got it. Then I raid my fruit bowl. I use whatever fresh fruit I have in the bowl, and usually keep it seasonal. Fling open the doors to my pantry and look for olives and nuts. It’s also in my pantry where I can find my beautiful Triscuits. I have been a fan of the whole grain wheat cracker since I was a teenager and as my tastes evolve…. I still enjoy the original triscuits and all the new wonderful flavors including the grain brown rice triscuit. I make sure to pile them high on my night picnic platter and enjoy them with some of the best foods you could ever put on a cracker.

What I used for this night picnic platter:

  • black mission figs
  • gruyere and cheddar chunks of cheese
  • apricot & honey goat cheese
  • peppered salame
  • ​blue cheese stuffed olives
  • marcona almonds
  • white nectarines
  • Triscuits

A new take on an old favorite. Enjoy the new line of Triscuit baked with whole grain brown rice and wheat, some with real food ingredients like sweet potato or red beans.​

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Triscuit. The opinions and text are all mine.



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