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Mexican Hot Chocolate and A Rainy Day…..

Mexican Hot Chocolate and A Rainy Day…..

It shatters my heart when my little boy puts my hand on the door knob to signal that he wants to head outside on a wet day.  I’m stumped because there is only so long that T.V. and toys will keep him occupied inside before he longs for the fresh air on his face and a few laps around the front yard.  I say “Sorry sweetie, you can’t go outside today, it’s raining and it’s super cold out.”

Now mind you, he’s only two years old, and doesn’t see my reasoning clearly.  I think to myself  “I’ll whip up a nice batch of hot chocolate for us to enjoy while we play with another puzzle or read a book, just like my Mom use to do with me.”  Not only will it make up for the fact that he can’t have his day in the sun, but it’s a positive experience for me and my boy.  Rain gifts us another opportunity to bond on many levels.  Milk makes our delicious hot chocolate the best thing to drink on a cold day.  For these two things…..  I am a thankful Momma.

The Master Of The Glass Half Full will surely love this rainy day custom I have passed down to my son.  I think I’ll share it with him over on his facebook page or tweet him a message so he could know all the wonderful memories milk is bringing me and my family.

All photos taken by: Nicole Presley and Mando Lopez

Ingredients for Mexican hot chocolate:

3 – cups water

1 – stick of cinnamon

2 – disks of mexican chocolate ( I use Ibarra)

2 – cups milk

1/4 – cup mini marshmallows (optional)

In a sauce pan add water and cinnamon over a medium flame.

Bring to a boil. Then add chocolate disks and allow to melt in water.

Stir to assure all chocolate dissolves.  This will take a few minutes. Once chocolate is completely dissolved, remove cinnamon stick from water chocolate mixture.

Lastly add in  milk and give a good stir.


Serve hot in a cup and top with marshmallows. Enjoy the cold day with your delicious hot chocolate!

Disclosure: This is part of a sponsored campaign with the California Milk Processor’s Board and Latina Mom Bloggers.

In the Snack of Time: Latin Recipes – Grilled Bacon Bean and Cheese Burrito!  In some circles it’s called a Chimichanga.

In the Snack of Time: Latin Recipes – Grilled Bacon Bean and Cheese Burrito! In some circles it’s called a Chimichanga.

When I elect to go for the gusto….there is no holding me back.  Yes I love bacon, but more than that I heart a slab of beans and cheese smeared in a flour tortilla.  Who doesn’t?  This is a sneak peek of what goes down in my kitchen on those nights when I live to eat with no restraints….. that falls under the category of soothing my soul.

All photos taken by: Mando Lopez and Nicole Presley

Ingredients for bacon bean and cheese burrito:

a package of bacon

1 – chile de arbol

3 – cups beans de la olla (if you don’t have time to make a batch “Sun Vista” pinto beans works well)

1 – teaspoon salt

1 – cup grated jack cheese

1 – cup grated cheddar cheese

flour tortillas

In a large pan over a medium flame, fry up your bacon till it is crisp and perfectly cooked. Then remove bacon from grease and dispose of half the grease.


Reserve the other half and while it’s still hot add the chile de arbol and beans.  Allow for beans to heat stirring occasionally.  Then add salt and with a potato masher start to smash beans to get a creamy consistency.


Next add jack cheese and cheddar cheese…. Mix well. Then crumble in bacon.  Reserve a few slices on the side.  Remove from flame.


Heat flour tortilla on each side over an open flame for 30 seconds on both sides.  Then add 2 tablespoons of bean and cheese to the middle of the tortilla and add a slice of bacon to the center of the beans.

Fold in outer ends, then roll to close.  Once you have your burrito/burritos rolled up heat a non stick pan over a medium flame and allow pan to get hot.


Place burrito in pan and grill on each side till tortilla is crisp.

Remove from flame and dig into HEAVEN!  I eat mine all by itself or with sour cream, avocado, salsa or tapatio.  Mmmmmmmm.  Enjoy!