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Agua De Fresa

Agua De Fresa

Agua de fresa made with the added help of Emergen-C to help keep a cold at bay. I bought all my ingredients at Walmart.

My hubby was abroad traveling on business for a couple of months and returned home at the end of last year. He brought home with him a pretty bad cold, runny nose, sneezing, stuffy head…. you know, the works. He was basically helpless for (more…)

Strawberry Milk #FuertesConLeche

Strawberry Milk #FuertesConLeche

This is part of a sponsored collaboration with MilkPEP and Latina Mom Bloggers. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

A beautiful glass of strawberry milk is perfect for a morning meal. You get a nice dose of protein that will aid in having a strong day.

That picture above is exactly how I start my day. I need my milk dose to get going in the morning. It’s not just that…. I need to be stronger, faster and on my toes all the (more…)

Raisin Pear Ponche: The Perfect Drink When It’s Cold

Raisin Pear Ponche: The Perfect Drink When It’s Cold

This raisin pear ponche is perfect for a cold night.

I just looked at the weather and the next couple of days are about to be “Brrrrrrrrrr” status COLD! The lows are scheduled to be 36 degrees Wednesday night. That’s super cold for us folks here in Los Angeles. Thank the stars I’m staying in New Years Eve, because this California girl likes to stay warm and toasty. There are a couple of things I’ve been doing to make sure I’m consistent with keeping heated during these frosty times. I got the pilot on my heater turned on, invested in a cute beanie, been rocking some thick wool socks, and constantly have a batch of Raisin Pear Ponche on the stove top. (more…)

Get Well Soon Mexican Chicken Soup And Other Cold Remedies

Get Well Soon Mexican Chicken Soup And Other Cold Remedies

Get Well Soon Mexican Chicken Soup #WMTMoms

It’s that time of year where every germ known to man wants to be your friend. Awww I dread the stuffy nose, and pounding headache of a cold or flu. There is nothing worse then a cold that makes it hard to breathe or sleep. As much as we have zero desire to engage in these unkind happenings…. most of us are destined to experience it anyway. Instead of avoiding the situation, I just go right ahead and face the music… even if it is to the beat of a running nose. I’d rather be safe than sorry, so I stock up before the uncomfortable illness hits.

Walmart has all the cold and flu supplies I need. I run up one aisle and grab kleenex, then look for the sign that says “cold and flu” and see what I think is the best remedy for me and Walmart cold and flu medicinesmy family. I like to have Airborne on hand in the event someone comes into the house that might be sick. Just plop it in water and this gets my defense up and helps keep the adults in the house healthy. I give my son Oscillococcinum, a homeopathic medicine the second I hear him sneeze or complain of not feeling well. If used at the first sign of a flu, it will help reduce the symptoms. I also like the Mucinex that you can drink like a hot tea, it has seriously helped me in the past, and hopefully will work wonders again now that I need it, as I am officially sick as of today. Last but not least I head to the grocery section and get a packet of chicken, dried chiles, garlic, onion, limes, and anything else I think will smash the cold right out of me. Here is a simple get well Mexican soup that is made really quickly, and yet so tasty. Drink lots of water and try and get well soon.

Ingredients for chicken soup #WMTMoms

Ingredients for get well soon Mexican chicken soup:

  • 1 – tablespoon olive oil
  • 2 – carrots (peeled and sliced)
  • 1 – onion (sliced big)
  • 4 – garlic cloves (smashed whole)
  • 1 – dried chipotle chile (sliced)
  • 4 – cups chicken broth
  • 1 – pound chicken breasts (sliced into strips)
  • green onion (sliced)
  • lime
  • avocado (cut into chunks)
  • cilantro
  • salt and pepper to taste


  1. Add olive oil to a pot or dutch oven. Place over a medium flame.
  2. Add in carrots and onion and sauté for 10 minutes.Carrots and onions
  3. Add in garlic and chipotle pepper slices. Cook for an additional 5 minutes.vegetables and dried chile for soup base #WMTMoms
  4. Add in chicken broth and bring to a boil. broth
  5. Once chicken broth is boiling add in chicken breasts slices. Cook chicken in broth for 6 to 7 minutes. raw chicken slices for soup #WMTMoms
  6. Ladle soup into bowl, then top with green onion, a squeeze of fresh lime, avocado, cilantro, and salt and pepper.
  7. Enjoy!


Mango Lime Refresher

Mango Lime Refresher

mango lime refresher

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 2 hours

Number of Servings: 10

Let’s elevate the tailgate experience at your place. Nothing like watching college football from home, while enjoying all your favorite treats. In honor of the season I created a lovely drink that has become the number one request in my house. This mango lime refresher brings a tropical freshness to the tailgating experience. Offering a cool balance between bites, and quenching your thirst at the same time. Give it a try, my guess is you will love it as much as my family does. Then hop over to the awesome “Tailgate At Your Place” site , the digital destination that will help you throw the “ultimate” home tailgate party. It is such a wealth of tailgating party info, you’ll be able to find college football trivia, party tips, and other recipes. Throwing parties has never been so easy. Here’s the bonus part, when you interact with the site, you have a chance to win one of hundreds of prizes! Isn’t that cool? Make this drink! Go to the site and be ready to enjoy the football season!


  • 2 – large ripe mangos (peeled, and all flesh cut from bone)
  • 2 – limes (peeling removed)
  • 1 – 1 inch strip of lime peel (reserved from peelings of lime)
  • 1/2 – cup sugar
  • 9 – cups water
  • 10 – strawberries


  1. Add mango pieces, lime, lime peeling, sugar, and 2 cups water to a blender.
  2. Blend until smooth.
  3. Strain mixture through a sieve. Allowing all liquid to pass through. Discard pulp.
  4. Add mango/lime liquid to a pitcher, then add remaining 7 cups of water to pitcher and mix to combine.
  5. Place pitcher in the fridge for a minimum of and hour and a half to chill.
  6. Serve cold and garnish glass with a strawberry.
  7. Enjoy!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Red Baron. The opinions and text are all mine.

Spicy Sangrita Completo For National Tequila Day

Spicy Sangrita Completo For National Tequila Day

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by the spicy Tabasco family. I am proud to be a Tabasco Tastemaker. Opinions and recipe are my own.

spicy sangrita completo #TabascoTastemakers

There have been many partners in crime throughout time. I think of the great ones like chocolate chips and cookies, or Bonnie and Clyde, or bacon wrapped hot dogs, or Tom and Jerry, and find it important not to over look the precious pair known as “Sangrita Completo.” For those of you that are not familiar with sangrita, it is a beautiful spicy tart slightly sweet chaser/accompaniment served with a shot of tequila, when you serve the two together they are called “completo.”  You have the option of either sipping them side by side or going for the gusto and shooting the hard stuff back first, then following it with a delicious sangrita.

In celebration of National Tequila Day (July 24th), I decided to prepare a batch of Tequila’s best friend Sangrita. Since it is a special day I added the smokey kick of Tabasco’s Chipotle Hot Sauce to the sangrita, and rimmed the shot glass with Tabasco’s spicy salt. These two additions made for the most wonderful flavor, and really made the pair COMPLETO!

I hope you enjoy this gorgeous sangrita this National Tequila Day or make it any time your tequila needs a friend.

all ingredients needed for sangrita completo

Ingredients for spicy sangrita completo:

  • 5 – ounces vegetable juice
  • 1 – cup clamato
  • 3 – limes (juiced) + 1 extra lime cut into wedges
  • 1/3 – cup tangerine juice
  • 7 – dashes Tabasco Chipotle Hot Sauce
  • 1 – tablespoon Tabasco Spicy Salt
  • Tequila (reposado) (I used Don Julio)


  1. In a pitcher or carafe combine vegetable juice, clamato, lime juice, tangerine juice, and Tabasco Chipotle Hot Sauce. Stir to combine.
  2. Place sangrita in the fridge to chill.
  3. With a lime wedge, rub it along side the rim of the shot glass.
  4. Place Tabasco spicy salt in a shallow bowl, then dip the rim of the shot glass into the salt.
  5. Fill the salt rimmed shot glass with sangrita.
  6. Fill a different shot glass with tequila.
  7. Serve both shot glasses side by side for a completo pair.
  8. Happy National Tequila Day! sangrita and tequila meet and become completo #TabascoTastemakers collage of spicy sangrita completo #TabascoTasteMakers
It’s Not Summer Until You Have A Watermelon Margarita! Follow It Up With 7 Wonderful Watermelon Recipes

It’s Not Summer Until You Have A Watermelon Margarita! Follow It Up With 7 Wonderful Watermelon Recipes


Watermelon – I can’t even say the word or even think it without a flood of images and memories shooting through my mind.  It’s funny because as a child I wouldn’t eat it because I hated the laborious task of having to take out the seeds.  Then came along the genius seedless watermelon.  Since then I’m all over it, and have had a mad amour with the fleshy red fruit.  I have many watermelon recipes here on my blog t0 prove it!  To tell you the truth, in my opinion,  it makes for the perfect Summer after-dinner dessert, or drink / agua, or salad, or eat while you watch t.v., or anything else you might fancy it in.  I must Nicole Presley singing in Boca De Sandíamention  I use to sing in a band many moons ago called “Boca De Sandía” ( which means “Watermelon Mouth” in spanish), and I only have glorious memories as the front person of a band with such a cool name.  Yes, I’m consistent with what I like.  I have always incorporated food into my art or music.  Who nows, maybe it was the influence of Frida Kahlo’s piece “Viva La Vida” (pictured below) that got me so into watermelon and in turn inspired me to name my band that.  All I know is I’m here today and I love me some sandía.

Frida Kahlo's Vida La Viva

I decided as a way to welcome in Summer, I was going to make myself a nice Watermelon margarita and revisit some of the other sandía recipes I have here on my blog.  Heck, I’m even going to showcase a few ideas from my friends.  Get the recipe for my Watermelon margarita below and/or check out a handful of other wonderful watermelon recipes.  Stick around for tips on how to pick the perfect watermelon video.  We are all ready for watermelon and Walmart is the place to buy them.  That’s where I got mine and they’re super sweet, seedless, and 100% fresh guaranteed or your money back!

watermelon margarita ingredients


Ingredients for watermelon margaritas: 

  • 1 – small lemon
  • 1 – small lime
  • 1/3 – cup sugar
  • 1 – small seedless watermelon
  • 1/2 – cup tequila
  • 7 – cups ice
  • optional: sugar, or salt, or tajin
  • 2 – strawberries
  • mint


  1. Cut the peeling off both the lemon and lime, and place the peelings in a glass. Pour the sugar over the peelings. Then squeeze the inner flesh of the lime over the sugar. Set to the side for 1 hour. This will make a citrus syrup.
  2. Cut watermelon in half. With a large spoon, scoop out the inside of the watermelon. You will now have two watermelon shells, that can be used as cups.
  3. Place all the insides of the watermelon into a blender.
  4. Place a strainer on top of the blender then pour the citrus syrup through the strainer, catching all the citrus peel.
  5. Now pour the tequila through the strainer on top of the citrus peel. This will remove any sugar left on the peel.
  6. Remove the strainer from the top of the blender and place lid on top. Blend watermelon mixture till smooth.
  7. Then add ice to blender and blend again till frosty smooth.
  8. Dip watermelon shell in either sugar, salt or tajin to rim the edges. I used tajin.
  9. Pour margarita into the center.
  10. Garnish with strawberries, lemon slices, and mint. sandia margarita
  11. Enjoy!


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beet watermelon cucumber salad in a honey lime dressing

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bionico made with watermelon

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