The Ultimate Taco Table Feast

The Ultimate Taco Table Feast

Have you ever been invited to a Taco Table Feast? One where you couldn’t decide what to eat!? A feast where there was a special taco for every one of your family and friends. It’s a bit of work for the host, but the smiles are reward enough. If this sounds like your type of spread then please allow me to share my tips.

My secret to the most successful taco table:

Make sure to have a variety of authentic hispanic style cheeses and cremas made with Real California Milk, a slew of salsas, guacamole and other yummy toppings (lime cabbage slaw, pickled onions, cilantro, sliced radishes, pickled jalapeños, Real California Oaxaca cheese). Having this assortment of flavorful fixings is a great way to mix and match when feeding a swarm of friends and loved ones. Let them choose from the traditional street style soft taco or mound their plate with the remarkable crunchy tacos dorados… it’s all about flavor combinations and giving them lots of options to customize their meal.

The Ultimate Taco Table Feast:

works for all occasions and can be celebrated at a casual gathering or bring fun energy to a formal affair. Once people see tacos they forget all formalities and let the pleasance ensue. My personal favorite is the Taco Dorado de Papa . Drizzle your hard shell potato taco with Real California crema, a sprinkle of Real California queso fresco or cotija, a splash of salsa roja, a glob of guacamole, and a pickled jalapeño. Trust me it’s the way to go for the vegetarian palate. 🙂

An added unexpected bonus to offer your guests is a little tequila board stationed amongst the tacos. It’s a festive way to bring on a ‘salud’ and kick start the party in the right direction. Add lime wedges, salt, tajin, and extra shot glasses to the board to have all your bases covered. This helps the host from having to run back and forth. It’s already all there for a welcomed help yourself shot throughout the gathering.


I recently had the privilege of creating and styling an Ultimate Taco Table Feast for my friends over on the Real California Milk Website. Wanna create your own Taco Table? Find Real California Milk products by looking for the seal in the dairy section of your supermarket. Be reassured the seal signifies those products are made with sustainably sourced milk from California dairy families!

Need taco inspiration? Find plenty of taco recipes on the Real California Milk website!



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