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Enmoladas De Queso

Enmoladas De Queso

Lent is definitely one of my favorite food seasons, for many reasons. 

1. Most meals are meatless and that is a vegetarian dream. 

2. Almost everything has cheese or crema in it, even the desserts. I look for the Real California Milk seal when selecting my hispanic-style cheeses and cremas for aunthentic quality ingredients sustainably sourced from milk families for my recipes. 

3. I’m drawn to the social aspect of connecting with my community and sharing recipes and meals together in a non formal setting. It’s the ultimate time to bond, reflect, and show kindness. 

The Real California Milk website has a whole section dedicated to lent season recipes, including my enmoladas de queso recipe. Scroll through for inspiration and find your favorite recipe to make for loved ones. 

La #Cuaresma es definitivamente una de mis estaciones de comida favoritas, por muchas razones.

1. La mayoría de las comidas son sin carne y ese es un sueño vegetariano.

2. Casi todo tiene queso o crema, incluso los postres. Busco el sello Real California Milk cuando selecciono mis quesos y cremas de estilo hispano para obtener ingredientes de calidad auténtica obtenidos de manera sustentable de familias de leche para mis recetas.

3. Me atrae el aspecto social de conectarme con mi comunidad y compartir recetas y comidas juntos en un entorno no formal. Es el mejor momento para vincularse, reflexionar y mostrar amabilidad.

El sitio web de Real California Milk tiene una sección completa dedicada a las recetas de la temporada de cuaresma, incluida mi receta de enmoladas. Desplácese en busca de inspiración y encuentre su receta favorita para preparar para sus seres queridos.

Caldo De Vegetales – Mexican Style Vegetable Soup

Caldo De Vegetales – Mexican Style Vegetable Soup

Caldo De Vegetales
Caldo de vegetales which is Mexican Style Vegetable Soup

I’ve gone a little soup crazy lately because it has been so cold here in our usual sunny California. Regardless, I do love a delicious Caldo De Vegetales, which translates to Mexican Style Vegetable Soup, not literally, but literally. What makes it (more…)

Potato Mushroom Enchiladas In A Spicy Tomatillo Sauce

Potato Mushroom Enchiladas In A Spicy Tomatillo Sauce

potato mushroom enchiladas in a spicy tomatillo sauce. I bought all my ingredients at Walmart.

A few weeks ago a Supermarket reached out to me and asked if I could create a vegetarian recipe to be a special centerpiece on their website as a Lent feature. That’s like asking me if I could snore like a bear in my sleep. Duh! I gladly accepted (more…)

Broccoli Cream Sauce for a Shrimp skewer.

Broccoli Cream Sauce for a Shrimp skewer.

I’m such a sucker for a nice cream sauce, especially when it’s drizzled over shrimp…. OH YEAH!  Tie my hair up, give me a napkin and listen as silence overpowers the room.  Only chewing noises will reach your ears and you will see the face of a happy gal as I relish every last morsel of my plate….. Here’s a recipe you can do the same with.

Ingredients for broccoli cream sauce:

1 –  stick butter

2 – cups red onion (diced)  

3 – cups broccoli head (chopped small)

1 – tablespoon minced garlic

1/4 – cup sauvignon blanc

2 – cups vegetable broth

1 1/2 – cups 1/2 & 1/2

Chop red onion into small cubes, and trim the heads off the broccoli. Then take the broccoli heads and dice really small.  Place to the side.

In a large frying pan over a medium high flame…. Melt your butter, then add onion, broccoli bits, and garlic. Mix well until all butter is absorbed  and continue sauteing for about 10 minutes.


Then add in sauvignon blanc, and let that reduce for about 10 to 15 minutes.


Next pour in the vegetable broth, and continue to reduce for about 20 to 25 minutes or until most liquid is evaporated.

Once it starts to look a bit murky… then add in the 1/2 & 1/2, and lower the flame a little…. let it simmer for about 20 to 25 minutes. That’s it the broccoli sauce is done.


Ingredients for shrimp skewers:

1 – pound shrimp (cleaned and deveined)

1 – tablespoon olive oil

1- teaspoon garlic

1/2 – teaspoon Lawry’s

1/2 – teaspoon black pepper

1/2 – teaspoon basil

1/2 – teaspoon chili flakes

6 to 7 wooden skewers

Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Let marinate for a 20 to 30 minutes. Then string shrimp on skewer…. 5 per skewer.

On a hot grill add shrimp skewers and cook on each side for 5 minutes or until perfectly pinkish.

Then serve on a plate with steamed rice, a wedge of lemon, and a nice serving of broccoli sauce. Your tastebuds will thank you.