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REI Got Me Ready For My Trip To Glen Canyon / Lake Powell #ALEx13

REI Got Me Ready For My Trip To Glen Canyon / Lake Powell #ALEx13

Look at the picture… it takes my breath away!  I have to keep pinching myself as a reminder that YES I AM going to this spectacular jaw-dropping  place deep in the heart of wilderness heaven, better known as Glen Canyon or Lake Powell. Doesn’t it look like it could be located on another planet? It just still doesn’t seem real.

Incase you’re wondering, this is how it happened….. A few months ago Kathy from Crafty Chica and Denise from Pearmama came over my house to shoot a licorice bracelet video. I know I’m lucky to call them friends. 🙂 We spent the day together bonding and making licorice bracelets (click here to see the video), then Denise mentioned in passing that American Latino Heritage Fund of The National Park Foundation was offering a chance to win a trip to one of three wonderful national parks and how amazing it would be to get chosen and go. A few days pass and I get a call from Monique from Curves and Chaos and she tells me that she spoke with Denise and Cathy and was wondering if I wanted to join forces with them and apply for the trip.  She said “Cathy will cover crafts, Denise will cover parenting, I’ll cover fashion, and you’ll cover food.” I said “Of course, who wouldn’t want to go to one of those places?” Meanwhile never in a million years did I think we would get chosen. Denise took the writing reins and applied on our behalf.  Next thing I know….. We were chosen! The Latina BlogStars (a moniker we have been given for the trip) are heading to Glen Canyon / Lake Powell August 18th. Follow our expedition through all social media channels by looking for the #ALEx13 hashtag.

The good news didn’t end there…. Columbia Sportswear and REI geared us up from head to toe with all the clothes, shoes and accessories we need for our expedition. Not to mention the cool socks and binoculars we got. We each individually went to the REI store closest to our homes to pick up our goods. Monique and I went to the Santa Monica store together, when we arrived they had all our clothes that Columbia had sent us on a clothes rack waiting for us. I felt so pampered and fell in love with the cool windbreakers and walking pants. Monique made a cute video of our visit… click here to see it!


Aramark is putting us up in one of their lodges and we are scheduled to go kayaking, on a boat ride, hiking to Rainbow Bridge, on a floating restaurant, and on a jeep expedition! WOW! I am seriously counting the days till my departure and can’t wait to share it all with you.

Photos of Lake Powell and Rainbow Bridge courtesy of  ARAMARK Parks and Destinations.