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An Ultimate Side Dish: Korean Fried Rice

An Ultimate Side Dish: Korean Fried Rice

My mouth waters at the anticipation of this dish.  I remember the first time I watched my friend Ji-Young make it, I was shocked that she was using day old steamed rice out of the fridge and SPAM.  Call me sheltered if you’d like but I don’t think I had ever tasted SPAM at that point in my life and didn’t quite know what to expect.  Actually I had never experienced kimchi in a fried rice either, so the results were going to enlighten my palate.  As she prepared the rice she told me, “Whenever you add kimchi to a fried rice you must fry the rice in butter.  If we were just adding meat and veggies we would fry in oil.”  I shoved that tip in my pocket, took it home and deposited it in my memory bank.  Finally the rice was done…… I dug my chopsticks in and never looked back.  In my opinion this rice is one of the BEST side dishes you can place on the table.  Thank you Miss Moon for introducing me to this delectable treat.  I hope my version represents your special dish well.

Ingredients for Korean Fried Rice:

3 – tablespoons butter

1 – heaping cup spam (cubed small)

1 – cup onion (sliced)

2 – cups kimchi (chopped small)

4 – cups steamed rice (a day old)

3 – eggs

4 – sprigs green onion (sliced & chopped)

1/2 – tablespoon soy sauce

1 – tablespoon sesame seeds

In a large frying pan over a medium high flame add 1 tablespoon butter and allow to melt then add cubed spam.  Fry until spam is slightly crisp, about 5 minutes.  Then add in onion and mix well.  Continue to fry for about 2 to 3 minutes.


Next add in 2 tablespoons of butter and allow to melt into spam and onions, then add in chopped kimchi.  Fry in pan for about 4 to 5 minutes.

Once the kimchi and onions are nice and soft add the day old rice.  It will take a second to break it up into the kimchi mixture.  Mix well.

Once the rice is combined lower the flame to a simmer.  In a separate pan make some scrambled eggs then add to the rice, then top with green onion and soy sauce.  Mix well.


Lastly sprinkle with sesame seeds and serve HOT!!!!!  Eat with a piece of meat or by it’s lonesome…. D-LISH!

All photos taken by: Mando Lopez