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Hershey’s S’mores

Hershey’s S’mores


A few weeks ago I received a Hershey’s S’mores Kit, and have been a S’mores fool so far this summer since. Making s’mores every chance I get and for all occasions. I even made them ahead of time for the baseball game a few weeks ago (pictured left). I decided to toast the marshmallow in the toaster oven along with one side of the graham cracker, and once the marshmallow was nice and gooey I added the other graham cracker to make a sandwich. Then I dipped the whole thing in melted Hershey’s chocolate. Once the chocolate set, I wrapped them in a wax paper and packed them up for the baseball game. 

All the people sitting in my area were so happy as I passed out my homemade snacks. It was as if the Hershey’s chocolate s’mores were little gifts of friend introduction as strangers gladly accepted my s’mores. I think maybe it’s because they had already seen me eating my own and they practically drooled in envy over the homemade treat…. it was enough to let them know I was alright. Plus my team won that night! 🙂

Over the 4th of July weekend I took my s’mores kit to a bar-b-que I was invited to and wrapped my graham crackers stuffed with marshmallows and Hershey’s chocolate in foil and place them on the grill. Everyone was so happy as we nibbled on our s’mores under the firework lit sky.

Now my son thinks everyday is a s’mores day, and it kinda is.

Here’s some awesome news!!!! Hershey’s is now offering consumers the chance to win an 11-piece BBQ grilling set through its Hershey’s Summer Grilling Sweepstakes – one set will be awarded every hour of the summer.  All you have to do is text GRILLSMORES to 44144 or enter online on the Hershey’s website. I’m going to enter and I’m sharing this info with all my friends. Enjoy your S’mores Summer!