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Seafood Sustainability at BlueWater Grill

Seafood Sustainability at BlueWater Grill

I was recently invited to come and learn about seafood sustainability at BlueWater Grill in Redondo Beach. It was a lot of information to take in, but here are some of the highlights/tips I managed to bring home with me.

BlueWater Grill is one of the FEW restaurants in California that offers menu compliance. Meaning every shellfish and seafood dish on their menu meets at least one of the following criteria:  Marine Stewardship Council certificationMonterey Bay Aquarium “Best Choice” or “Good Alternative”Santa Monica Seafood “Blue” as approved by MBAAquarium of the Pacific “Seafood for the Future” certified, or Certification by a scientific body as a “Best Practices” aquaculture producer.

– Most reliable places to buy fish: Whole Foods, Bristol Farms, and Santa Monica Seafood.

– Things to look for when purchasing fish: a translucent sheen, bounce to flesh, clear eyes, and a red bloodline.

– Wild vs. Farm Raised: If you can, eat WILD fish. If not, know exactly what farm you are eating out of and eat out of United States farms. We have very strict policies in place. As a side note we tried 4 different types of Salmon side by side and the farm raised paled in comparison to the wild.

Chilean Sea Bass is the poor man’s lobster, or just a delicious buttery fish!

– Last but not least…. BlueWater Grill has an amazing Bloody Mary Bar!

All photos taken by: Nicole Presley

BlueWater Grill:Redondo Beach

665 North Harbor Drive
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
Phone 310 318 3474