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Christmas Stained Glass Cookies

Christmas Stained Glass Cookies

The twinkling of light that glimmers through these cookies is the old magic of Christmas. It will forever remind me of days when I was only a few years into this life and Christmas was made of candy cane, sugar plums, yummy fruit cakes and stained glass cookies.  They remind me of a blizzard-like fairy tale.  They could be used for all types of reasons… for instance:

If your reindeer gets lost in the woods, let your Christmas Stained Glass Cookies lead him back to the sleigh. 
If you’re feeling sappy and don’t want anyone to hear you singing “Kumbaya” line up your cookies “camp fire style” and sing away. 

If you want to creep in on Santa as he drops off his gifts, you can look through the cookie and he would never know you’re there. You little spy, you. 

If you feel the need for an Andy Warhol factory inspired cookie photo shoot, the Christmas Stained Glass Cookies is all the rage.