Some Bunny Loves You Snack Pack

A snack pack in vanilla flavor, decorated like a bunny.

I will occasionally tell my son “some bunny loves you,”  and without fail he looks at me like  “what does that mean?” I explain to him it’s just a play on words and something a lot of people say quite frankly. Yesterday we were hanging out and he says to me “Some bunny loves you Mommy.” I smiled and said “Is that some bunny you?”  He just smiled and ran to the other room… I don’t know if he was embarrassed or thought he used it out of context.

Either way later on in the day we went to the market to pick up some supplies and usually I allow him to get a few things while we are in the store. I have to limit him the kid or he will fill up my basket with all his needs and wants. I noticed he was scanning a certain shelve for a while, just staring at the pudding cups and then he says in a sweet voice…. “Mommy, can I get some pudding?” I said “Yeah, you can,” then he says “Some bunny loves you Mommy, and that’s me.” He stole my heart… he could have gotten all the pudding cups he wanted at that point. He’s so cute, when we got home I decided to make his snack packs into a “some bunny loves you” version, and it’s perfect timing with Easter in the near future.

Ingredients to make Easter snack packs

What you need:

  • pudding (flavor of your choice, I used Vanilla)
  • shredded coconut
  • chocolate chips
  • jelly beans
  • marshmallows
  • candy sprinkles


  1. Remove foil from top of pudding.
  2. Fill the top with shredded coconut. shredded coconut pudding cups
  3. Place two chocolate chips for eyes, and a jelly bean for a nose.
  4. Cut a marshmallow in half, then dip the sticky side in candy sprinkles. Cut marshmallows in half then dip them in candy sprinkles to make bunny ears
  5. Place the marshmallow halves at either end of the cup for ears. 🙂
  6. Dig in and enjoy!
  7. Happy Easter….

Remember some bunny loves you, so pin this snack pack for later:

This snack pack in vanilla flavor is the perfect treat for Easter. I got all the ingredients I need for this "some bunny loves you" project at Walmart. #WMTMoms