Chicharrónes de Queso Oaxaca

Chicharrónes de Queso Oaxaca

Can you see those lacey fried crisp deliciousness? Those are air fryer Chicharrónes de Queso Oaxaca. Basically my favorite low carb treat. I’m not on Keto but these crispy delights sure fit the bill. If you’re wondering how to make them, I start by looking for the Real California Milk seal on a package of Oaxaca cheese. Now that I’m assured the best quality sustainably sourced milk from family farms I can move on to my Chicharrones!

Look for The Real California Milk Seal!!!


These Crispy Chicharrónes de Queso Oaxaca can be eaten like chips and dipped into your favorite salsa. I also like to add some extra crunch to my torta by layering in a few chicharrónes de Queso for that added bite! The chicharrón is a great substitute for the crouton and can be added to a bowl of soup or a nice big green salad. All this magic happens in an air fryer. It’s truly SUPER cool. Of course it is… we are talking about fried cheese. who doesn’t like crispy fried cheese? I knew the answer would be nobody so find the recipe below!

Ingredients for Chicharrónes de Queso Oaxaca:

  • 2 cup Oaxaca Cheese, grated
  • favorite salsa


Grate Oaxaca cheese until you have a couple of cups.

Line the air fryer basket rack with a 2×3 inch piece of parchment paper. I tuck a little piece of parchement paper into the side between the rack and the basket to secure the paper from lifting or curling.

Drop two tablespoons of Oaxaca cheese onto the parchment paper.

Set the Air fryer to 400 degrees for 6 minutes.

Chicharrónes will come out crisp and delicious.

Remove from air fryer carefully with a small spatula, and blot off excess oil.

Allow to cool for 5 minutes before eating.

Visit Real California Milk website for recipe inspiration!



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