Turkey Bacon Pieces For Baked Potatoes

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Butterball ®.  All opinions are 1oo % my own.


It comes as no surprise that I love bacon. If you read my blog once every six months or even less… you still know I love bacon. I TRY and restrain myself from putting it in everything, because sometimes too much of a good thing can be bad. Unless you mix it up with a variety, and add TURKEY to the mix. This is where the story gets good, I recently stumbled upon an awesome app for Butterball ® Turkey on iTunes called Butterball ® Cookbook Plus (psssst…. it’s free for a limited time), as I was scrolling through all the delicious recipes I came to a baked potato recipe with a simple turkey bacon topper, my mouth watered at the idea. I flipped through the index and saw the simple instructions on how to make this comfort food heaven come to life on a plate before me (I posted the recipe from the app below). About an hour later I was eating my turkey bacon topped baked potato, and looking for more recipes to try. I spied a couple that are musts in the next few days. Take a look, you may find some you like too.


There were lots of features on the app I found to be super neat. For instance it takes voice commands: you can search advanced recipe instructions, using simple voice commands. I loved that it plays to my social media side: I could share what I’m cooking off the app with friends through email or Facebook. Here is the last thing I’ll say about this awesome app so you don’t think I’ve gone too gaga over the little bells and whistles…. It has this cool kitchen tool that offers substitution lists and a measurement conversion chart. That’s what I call an app. Happy searching. 

Ingredients for turkey bacon pieces for baked potato:



Sprinkle topping on top of a baked potato, like I did in the picture at the top of this post. Enjoy!