My love letter To Northgate Market La Habra!

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Northgate Market La HabraMy dearest Northgate Market La Habra! 

   I am seriously obsessed with all the flavors you have brought into my life. I had been going to The Northgate Market on Soto street in East LA, and the one on W. Francisquito Ave in West Covina until you opened your flagship Store in Norwalk on Firestone, but now I have you in La Habra too. I am in complete and utter awe of what an amazing Market you are. The feeling I get when I walk into your La Habra

store (1305 W. Whittier Blvd., CA. La Habra CA 90631 ) is unlike anything else I’ve known before. I don’t feel like I’m just shopping for vegetables, I feel like I am having the ultimate food experience, an adventure even. From the very second my foot stepped into your new flagship La Habra location, I knew I was into love. How could I not be? All my Mexican food dreams were laid out before my eyes, and I felt like I was living my food fantasy. I was!

Pan dulce Northgate Market La HAbra

I started in the panaderia where rows and rows of sweet traditional breads sat waiting to be clinched by tongs and put into the cart, but I was also surprised to see an expanded Bakery/Panaderia where you’ve added more than 100 new artisan breads, cakes and cookies – all made hot and fresh every day. My mouth watered as the aroma of fresh bread made its way up my nose. Then to the left my attention was caught by a display case that was filled with confetti like colors. There I found a huge array of gelatinas both big and small. As I continued looking in the case a man behind the counter was in the process of frying fresh churros and a woman was placing authentic Mexican candied fruits in a small pile.


IMG_1755 IMG_1714Could this be real? REAL LOVE, I tell you. I kept walking and found a huge selection of Hot and Cold Food Bars: Freshly steamed Tamales in a variety of flavors, 10 hot soups and stews, a gigantic fresh salsa bar making all my spicy craving come true, a beautiful salad bar with everything you could imagine from pasta salads to roasted vegetable salads.

Salsa Bar Northgate MArket La Habra IMG_1735

I started to question how deep this love affair would go? I decided to take a whirl around the produce department. Not only did I find an entire organic produce section, I also found beautiful and exotic produce from around the world. Hard to find jackfruit and dragon fruit. Northgate Market had me as a devout customer.

Organic-Produce-Northgate-La-Habra IMG_1739

Could it get any better? Yes! Yes! And it did. A woman stood behind a cart making fresh guacamole to my liking adding the perfect amount of lime salt and Serrano.

Guacamole station Northgate MArket La Habra

I also found a bounty of aguas sitting in huge jugs on ice waiting to be poured into a cup.  A fresh juice bar with beets and celery and oranges and limes sitting together waiting to be squeezed into the same cup. You are too perfect Northgate with your ‘El Mercadito’ specialty cheese shop, I couldn’t decide on just one. How have I survived without you all this time? And of course, you continues to provide the foods that made you famous  in the first place… scratch made Bolillo Rolls, and fresh made flour and corn tortillas – all made right there from your Masa that is still made from stone ground corn every day. Sigh, I’m not gonna fight it, I’m in love with you. 

Northgate-Market-Foods-that-made-them-famous IMG_1759 IMG_1771 IMG_1705