Princess House Tamale Steamer And My Fun Tamalada!

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However, all opinions expressed are my own.


That’s a picture of my friend Stephen…. He and his husband Art co-create a blog called Latino Foodie. Long story short… Stephen and Art came over for dessert at my house at the beginning of November and were going on and on about the tamale steamer/stockpot Princess House makes (pictured above) . Asking me if I had used it before, telling me about the signature crystal princess house lid and how it’s made of vented glass (which means it allows for slow evaporation of liquid when steaming or simmering food), how the whole  pot is made of stainless steel, and has a lifetime guarantee.  We continued exchanging tamale tips, then Stephen said why don’t we have a tamalada here at your house closer to Christmas? I’m always up for a party and with tamales as part of equation… my answer was YES!


Last week the tamalada happened! Some of my favorite food friends came and spread masa on corn husks and filled them with spicy meat and other delicious filling.


We quickly put the first batch in a Princess House steamer to cook so we could enjoy when we were done preparing all the tamales. Once the food was ready we dove in and celebrated our friendship, culture, and Christmas traditions.


It was a wonderful time, and none of us will forget it. Princess House was super generous in sending a new tamale steamer home with each one of my tamale spreading friends. From this point forward… every time one of us makes tamales, we will pull out our tamale steamers and remember our bonding day fondly.


Here is a picture of the lovely 18 qt. Princess House Stockpot/ Steamer everyone got!



For more on tamales… check out my tamale video by clicking here!