Food Craft: How To Build A Candy Christmas Tree


Here’s the skinny… My mom and Auntie Rosie have been on a crafting roll lately…. Every time I check in with my Mom she goes on and on telling me about the candy wreaths her and my aunt have been making, if that’s not enough she’s even sending pictures and blowing up my instagram feed with her crafty creations. I have to admit…. I was a little jealous I couldn’t join them due to an over abundance of work this year. Usually I’m in the thick of the craft projects with them.

A few days later my Mom and I were doing our weekly run to Walmart for all things needed, and she says to me “Are you sure you don’t have time to make a candy tree? We could buy everything here at Walmart, then go home and make some. It won’t take that long.” I got so happy, I smiled and said “Alright. Twist my arm to spend some quality Mom and daughter time making food crafts!” She new I was bummed and was dying to get crafty…. plus I knew I could always share / blog about it.

Once my tree was done, I thought it to be so whimsical and old fashioned at the same time. I imagined it being part of the set of an old Rudolph cartoon with a blaze of snow blowing past it. My Mom and I placed our trees side by side when we were done and photographed them. She made her’s covered in gummy bears and I made mine of sour cherry candies with a white star on top. HAPPINESS = A MERRY CHRISTMAS


What you’ll need for a Candy Christmas Tree:

  • glue sticks
  • glue gun
  • styrofoam cone
  • styrofoam circle stand / base for cone (optional)
  • green tape (or any other color that suits your needs)
  • candy
  • sequins ribbon (optional)
  • craft stars
  • garland / tinsel
  • scissors


  1. Plug in glue gun and insert glue stick…allow to get hot.
  2. Glue base/stand to styrofoam cone.  _MG_0013_MG_0017
  3. Working in 2 to 3 inch long pieces, cover the cone from top to bottom in tape. _MG_0022
  4. Once the entire cone is covered, tape up the bottom and top too.
  5. Using little dabs of glue from the glue gun, stick on the first piece of candy. Work your way all around to form the first ring. _MG_0032
  6. Then measure the circumference of the tree with the sequin ribbon. Cut where the two ends meet and glue it on between each roll of candy rings. _MG_0036
  7. Once you reach the bottom glue the garland / tinsel around the bottom of the base. _MG_0039
  8. Either glue the star directly on top of the tree or I used pom pom balls between the tree and the star.
  9. It’s that simple.
  10. Enjoy!




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