Princess House Cookin’ Kids!


I got a little guy who watches his Mama cook day in and day out. He examines my every move in the kitchen and has recently started asking to be involved. He wants to bake, make pancakes, or pour hot water in jello….all under Mama’s watchful eye of course. This is all music to my ears that I have a little chef in the works here who shows a genuine interest in cooking. I am even more thrilled that Princess House now has wonderful kits that kids can use and actually help out in the kitchen. You can find everything from an apron to mixing bowls to a real whisk to cookie cutters. My son and I have been getting busy in the kitchen…cookie making and whipping up cake batter. He loves it, and so do I. Here are a few pictures of us having fun in the kitchen. Get your little chef a Princess House Cookin’ Kid  kit today!







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