Lisa Quinones-Fontanez…. my vote for Yahoo! Women Who Shine!

This is a picture of Lisa Quinones-Fontanez and her beautiful son Norrin.  I was asked by Yahoo! recently to nominate a woman that shines…. There are many woman I know who shine, but Lisa’s story and what she represents is one that needs more of a voice right now:

Lisa has touched my heart time and time again.  I read her blog Autism Wonderland as if it’s my personal bible. She is a woman warrior fighting for her autistic son’s rights on a daily basis.  She has been recognized by Babble as one of the top 30 Autism Blogs, and is a regular contributor to Parents magazine.  Unlike many bloggers who use blogging as an outlet to escape into their own private internet world, Lisa delves into her reality and brings wisdom and hope to parents who are going through the same diagnosis with their child. If it wasn’t for her blog, I would have NEVER known the signs to look for in an Autistic child…. She is a huge inspiration to many parents who are  lost in the autism fog trying to find answers and fearful of what the future holds for our vulnerable delicate autistic children.  She is not only changing her son Norrin’s life, she is helping hundreds of parents  take the right steps to help change the lives of their children too.  She is a modern day hero who wears her heart and emotions on her sleeve, and in her darkest moments she is still strong enough to share her own fears with the world.  Lisa is currently looking to build the 1st school in the Bronx for autistic children.

Please click on the this link to help Lisa win The Yahoo! Women Who Shine contest… That money will help her build her school and in turn help many autistic children in need of service and therapy! Good Luck Lisa,  you have my vote! To find out more about Yahoo Women who shire… click here.

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