Martian Birthday 2012

My birthday is March 19th, this year that fell on a Monday.  Of course that left me no choice than to celebrate on March 17th, which we all know is St. Patrick’s Day.  I wanted to stay with a green theme but not necessarily one that included leprechauns and four leaf clovers. Why not have a martian green party instead?  That’s just what I did!

I looked into the forecast and noticed it was going to rain.  That was not going to stop me or my martian friends from a fun party.  I made a big batch of my chicken chile verde and an even bigger batch of potent green margaritas.  I threw on my green martian cape and let the festivities begin.

I peeked out the window and as promised, the night sky was washing the city clean.  I knew it wouldn’t be long till my martian guest started to arrive.  I hung up green chain link decorations, set out the green cookies, and grabbed my space patrol blaster.  I was officially ready for my celebration!


Some of the guests:


I was thrilled to see my circle of friends from Mars….





Time for the cupcakes and a jolly cheer!




The END of the night…..

;$5*:?//  #)((-+$&7$\~*  (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!)

Photos taken by guests at party…thx! 



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