Bastille Day! Toasty Ham and Cheese Baguette. Figs add a sweet.

I wish I was in FRANCE right now.  I wish I could be there enjoying the Bastille Day parade!  Eating with a smile on my face.  Enjoying the simpleness of a toasty ham and cheese baguette all in celebration of La Fete Nationale!  Now that’s the way to start your morning.  The last time I was in Paris there was a lovely bakery right outside of my hotel that made me a loyal customer day one.  Every morning they make delicious coffee, pastries sent straight from heaven, and this simple baguette with ham and cheese on top.  Mmmmmm.  I crave that toasty baguette all the time.  I may not be in France for the glorious celebration July 14th, but the least I could do is make the toasty toast, and I will.

All photos taken by: Nicole Presley

Ingredients for toasty ham and cheese baguette:

1 – 8 inch piece of french baguette

1 – tablespoon room temperature butter

6 – slices comte cheese

2 – slices ham

Line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil. Then take baguette and slice down the middle making two pieces. Place on cookie sheet and spread butter on both pieces of bread.

Then neatly place ham on bread, then top with slices of comte cheese.

Then place under broiler on high for 6 minutes or until golden bubbly crisp.  That’s it, your done…. Enjoy for breakfast with fresh fruit or a cup of french pressed coffee.

J’aime Paris!



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