Salad Series: Beet Sandia Cucumber Salad in a Pura Miel Lime Dressing with a Blue Cheese Pistachio Mint dress up!

No words can describe how refreshing and sabroso this delightful salad is.  It will make you want to dance, jump rope, yodel, and make sand castles all in the same day!  Of course it will… the dressing has honey in it.  I recently found out HONEY is a natural energy booster that will help sustain your energy levels through out the day!  YAY!  I stuck that information in my pocket and thought “I’m going to start making my own salad dressing with honey in it!”  Paired with beets, cucumber, my favorite sweet watermelon, and pistachios it’s sure to be a palate thriller.  It’s time to get summer started.  Go ahead – Dance yourself silly.

All photos taken by: Nicole Presley

This recipe will make 4 salads.

Ingredients for honey lime dressing:

1 1/2 – tablespoons honey

1 – tablespoon Nakano rice vinegar

1 – tablespoon olive oil

2 – tablespoons fresh lime juice

In a small bowl add honey, rice vinegar, olive oil, and lime juice.  Mix well and set to the side.

Ingredients for salad:

3 – beets (I used both red and golden for this salad)

1/2 – seedless watermelon

1 – cucumber (peeled)

2 – tablespoons crumbled blue cheese

1 – tablespoon chopped pistachios (I use Wonderful Pistachios)

1 – tablespoon fresh mint (chopped- about 4 to 5 leaves)

a pinch of black pepper


In a medium pot filled halfway with water, place over a high flame and bring to a boil. Add beets and let boil for 30 minutes or until fork can easily pierce through.

Once cooked, take off flame and drain water.  Rinse under cold water allowing beets to cool, and drain again.  Then take a beet and cut off ends, and slowly peel off skin either with your fingers or under running cold water.

Once all skin is removed, slice into quarter inch slices.  If using red beets, slice them last. They will stain your fingers and all the other veggies/fruit.  That’s the reason I photographed the golden ones. 🙂

Now slice up the watermelon into a 2 x 4 rectangle about an inch thick, and slice the cucumber into a 1/2 inch thick vertical slice.

Then assemble.  I started with 3 red beets on the bottom, then added a slice of watermelon.  Topped the watermelon with a slab of cucumber and placed a golden beet up on top.  So pretty and color drenched.

Let’s get the dressing on this stack!  Pour one tablespoon of honey lime dressing right on top and let it drizzle down.

Lastly sprinkle with blue cheese, pistachios, chopped mint and a pinch of black pepper! EAT IT UP YUM!




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