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Potato Chip Hash Browns

Potato Chip Hash Browns

My son asks for potato chips every meal, that’s what our meal time has come to recently.  I try and bribe him, give him ultimatums, replace his chips with other food but it always comes down to “chips.”  Even his teacher is on to it, she says to me the other day “Max ate his sandwich during lunch” then she smiled real big and said with a wink “I gave him a chip every other bite.”  What?  Seriously?  The only way to get him to eat or try other foods is if the food is followed with a chip.  Thank the stars I have the cool Zyliss 2-in-1 Handheld Slicer, it’s like a mini mandoline.  It makes slicing my potatoes paper thin a fast task.  Instead of making chips this morning, I fooled my son and told him all the chips stuck together to make a potato chip hash brown.  He believed it and ate the hash brown. One point for me. 🙂

Ingredients for Potato Chip Hash Browns:

2 – medium sized Idaho Potatoes (peeled and cut paper thin)

3 – tablespoons vegetable oil

2 – teaspoons Lawry’s seasoning salt

1 – teaspoon black pepper

1/2 – teaspoon garlic powder



Peel and slice potatoes then add them to a big bowl and mix in the spices and seasoning salt.  Set to the side.

In a large frying pan over a medium high flame add vegetable oil. Allow oil to heat for about 3 minutes before adding in potatoes on a single layer.  Then with the extra potatoes add a top layer.

Let fry on the first side for 10 minutes or until golden brown.  Then carefully flip the potato chip hash brown, and cook the other side for 10 to 15 minutes or until golden brown.


It’s Bedtime…. Drink a glass of Milk to help you sleep better.

It’s Bedtime…. Drink a glass of Milk to help you sleep better.

A few months ago I was having a really difficult time getting my 3 year old son Max to lay down and go to sleep at night.  I use to allow him to take these ridiculously long naps during the day because I knew he wasn’t getting enough sleep during the hours of darkness.  I was extra worried about his routine of broken sleep because I realized he was starting school and would need to be alert and functioning in order to learn.  That’s when the wires in my brain sparked and I said “No more long naps.”  From that point on I started skipping on the nap entirely or just allowed a 30 minute nap and started putting him in bed by 7pm with a warm cup of milk and a full belly.  This method worked so well for me, I still can’t believe it.  Max now sleeps 12 solid hours!  When before the most he would sleep was around 8 to 9 hours total.  That warm glass of milk is like a magic lullaby that has worked wonders for my son, and in turn,  he’s made such an incredible progress at school.

If you watch Telemundo or Univision you’ll see the cutest California Milk Board spot called “Ya es hora de ir a la cama” between 7p.m. and 9p.m. nightly, as a reminder to parents and children…. It’s Bedtime.  I love the spot so much, I just have to post it here for you all to see!

After I swooned over this spot, I could only hope my son’s nighttime REM sleep is as calming, animated, and imaginative.

Disclosure: This is part of a sponsored campaign with the California Milk Processor Board and Latina Mom Bloggers. However, all opinions expressed are my own.