About Me


Greetings, my name is Nicole Presley.  Im a Mexican-American gal obsessed with food, making it and eating it are two of my passions. This is my original recipe blog called Presley’s Pantry that is packed with sweet desserts and a tribe of Mexican food dishes.  I’m currently filming a webisode series that is spunky, whimsical, and filled with surprises.  I’m also is a regular recipe contributor to Babble (A Disney owned website) where Im the first and only Latina in the Family Kitchen.  The Los Angeles Times has called my web series “hands down the most original.”  In 2012 I was invited to the White House as one of the top 70 Latina Bloggers in the nation.  Latina magazine voted me the best Cooking Blog in April 2013.  In June of 2013 Fresh and Easy Markets started packing and selling a Chipotle Macaroni Salad that I created.  Im also one of the top 100 Babble Food Bloggers of 2013.

Growing up my mom never cooked. I don’t think she had an interest in it, or maybe she viewed it more as a chore. No one in my house cooked…..I shouldn’t say that, they made the basics.  As far back as my mind will stretch, I remember being fascinated with people who could cook. At social functions, instead of playing outside with the rest of the children, I’d anchor myself in the kitchen to watch the real entertainment unfold, with the hopes that they would let me help somehow…. always asking a million questions about what was being made and how it was prepared. I knew then, as a small child, that cooking was the farthest thing from a chore…. it was a true art form and one I would try and excel at for the rest of my life.  My obsession with cooking grew momentum as I turned the corner into my teens.  It was also at that exact point that my interest in baking occurred. To me, baking was the coolest science.  I was in love.  I befriended many women and men who were ripe with age and experience in the kitchen…. talk of recipes and cooking tips were plentiful.  I’ve never stopped since.  Cooking and baking is my passion.  It’s why I wake up in the morning and live for.  I’m a self taught gal, who is very grateful to all the people who endured my culinary questions, and all the people in my life that allowed me to experiment with different dishes and always gobbled them down happily.

In this blog, I  highlight the recipes of my scrumptious journey and tell the story of how I created them, where my inspiration came from and the travels that allowed me to taste foreign foods and incorporate them in my cooking and baking.

I continue dwelling in my beloved city of East Los Angeles.