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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Mamma Chia. All opinions are 100% my own.

Yes, the new is Mamma Chia Energy Beverage is EVERYTHING! I am currently smitten. If you know me personally or read my blog then you know I tend to gravitate towards foods and drinks that are good for me. Okay I have the occasional slip up, but for the most part I’m all about feeding my body healthy stuff. Let me tell you about Mamma Chia Energy Beverage. I was shopping the produce section of Walmart and was told they had recently launched Mamma Chia Energy Beverage and have a promotion with an instant $.55 coupon around the bottle’s neck. I looked over at the cold juice section and found it sitting there. I had never tried it so I decided to buy a few bottles and give it a try. I had read it is the FIRST beverage that combines the power of chia with the clean energy of guayusa (gwhy-you’-sa) resulting in a truly healthful, fulfilling and delicious energy beverage that nourishes your entire body and soul. With a statement that bold I was in. 

Mamma Chia Clean Energy can be found at Walmart.

I brought it home and the first bottle I opened left me in “wow!” I absolutely loved the taste. Over the next couple of days I tried all 4 flavors (Blackberry Blast, Cherry Charge, Raspberry Razz and Grape Power). At that point I decided to look further into the Mamma Chia Energy Beverage… I was pleasantly surprised to find out… Mamma Chia Energy are Non-GMO Verified, gluten-free, Kosher and USDA Certified Organic. It’s made with refreshing organic fruit juices and lightly sweetened, one bottle of Mamma Chia Energy (10 oz.) delivers:

  • More than an entire day’s worth of Omega-3s (2500mg)
  • 25% of one’s daily fiber (6 grams)
  • 4 grams of complete protein
  • 90mg of natural caffeine (about as much in an 8 oz. cup of coffee)
  • Twice the antioxidants of a cup of green tea
  • Calcium, powerful antioxidants and valuable minerals
  • 120 calories

And the founder Janie Hoffman started Mamma Chia in the kitchen of her small rural farm outside of San Diego. After suffering for almost 20 years with a variety of debilitating autoimmune disorders, it was the amazing chia seed, coupled with other lifestyle changes that finally eradicated her immune disorders and restored her overall health. Isn’t that amazing? Yeah… I’m into it. Get your hands on some ASAP and Enjoy!



Here is a little info and graph to show you the health benefits of Chia Seed: Chia seeds are packed with the richest PLANT-BASED Omega-3s (a vegetarian’s dream). An excellent source of dietary fiber, complete protein and antioxidants. 

With that being said now you know why I’m drinking this drink and endorsing it. To you and your health… Cheers!

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