I Got Balance Bar In My Purse #CraveFreely

Disclosure: This post is compensated by Balance Bar. All opinions are my own.

Four new Balance Bar flavors all under 190 calories. Buy them at Walmart.

Up at the crack of dawn to get my boy ready for school, then I’m off to get my daily exercise in. Usually by the time I’m done I have a conference call scheduled for work or a grocery run waiting. My day quickly unravels from there. Yes, I’m that woman that runs around like mad. Always doing something for either work, my son, my mom, my husband, or simply for play. It’s safe to say I’m a lady on the go, with very few moments of idle time. On many occasions I will be out running in the streets or working on a project with a deadline and just need something to snack on especially in the late afternoon when we all want a little treat. I usually keep Balance Bars in my purse to be able to fill up on something sweet yet nutritional that will  carry me over till my next solid meal. Balance Bar is a snack that allows women to crave freely –  It has the flavor we want, but with the nutrition our bodies need. Balance is packed with lean protein and is an excellent source of fiber, each new bar is 190 calories or less. Plus Balance Bar is packaged in regular (reg. has two mini bars in the same packaging…bonus two for one!) and mini bars, which makes it perfect for easy enjoyment to keep up with my on-the-go life.  I’m loving all 4 of the new flavors… Chocolate Caramel Peanut Nougat, Chocolate Peppermint Patty, Dark Chocolate Pecan Turtle and Dulce De Leche & Caramel.  Yes, you read right… DULCE DE LECHE (they are serving me latin flavors… I like that)! If you’re wondering where you can buy these tasty bars… make your way on over to any Walmart store or buy them off Amazon.com!!! Not only do I have my purse supplied with Balance Bars my Mom does too, and she says to me the other day “Balance is the gateway to help you snack smarter and indulge guilt-free!” There you have it folks, words out of my Momma’s mouth.

What’s in my Purse? Balance Bar!!!

I have balance bar in my purse as a tasty snack for those on the go moments. Buy them at Walmart.

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