Star Wars Easter Basket For My Boy!

Star Wars Easter basket and storm trooper stuffed doll for Easter. I bought all  my supplies from Walmart.

I’m just going to say it right off the bat… Walmart makes building a basket more affordable with the wide selection of assorted baskets, candies and Easter goodies. To sum it up it’s cuteness over load. I felt like an overwhelmed child as I roamed the isles looking at all the great Easter supplies they currently have in stock. It was an absolute no-brainer to build my own basket for my son when I saw a cool Boba Fett chocolate instead of a chocolate bunny. Let me tell you a little bit about my son…. he absolutely adores anything and all things Star Wars. He is also mesmerized by dinosaurs and can’t think of a better past time than eating candy. The rest was really easy… I picked up a Kylo Ren themed basket, and an incredible  2 foot stuffed Storm Trooper doll (you gotta see the little basket it’s holding) to celebrate the Easter festivities.

Stuffed storm trooper for Easter

I kinda went a tad crazy with all the traditional bunny candies and loved that they had dinosaur shaped plastic eggs to fill or hunt. I wished I had more baskets to make because seriously they have an amazing selection to choose from. I was able to meld my traditional favorites with his favorite characters for a really sweet Star Wars Easter Basket. The best part is I got exactly what I wanted for such a reasonable price and all in one place!!! Happy Easter!

Easter basket supplies from Walmart

Easy to assemble your own basket

  1. Pick a basket, paper grass, cellophane wrap, ribbon, scotch tape, plastic eggs, candy and toys.
  2. Fill the inside of the basket with paper grass.
  3. Then arrange candy, plastic eggs and small toys in the basket.
  4. Wrap the basket in cellophane wrap, tape the seams together, and tie the top with a ribbon bow.
  5. Enjoy!!!!


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