Ornament Cupcakes Make A Great Holiday Centerpiece

Use ornament cupcakes as a centerpiece for your holiday table. I got all the ingredients at Walmart

I’ve been thinking of different ways to spruce up my holiday table. I like things simple and clean. When tablescapes have too much going on it’s hard to see the crown jewel, hence I keep things minimal and to the point. I love the idea of something edible as the centerpiece of my holiday table that could be eaten at the end of the Christmas meal. It gives the people sitting at the table a viewing of the sweet dessert that they are about to enjoy and it also makes things festive.

With these things in mind, I walked around Walmart looking for different candy’s and christmas inspired colored sprinkles. I came across a section of little green and red chocolate drops and pearl like candies. They reminded me of the circles that are on christmas ornaments for the tree. I thought it would be so cute to make ornament cupcakes and use them as my holiday centerpiece. All I would need is: White cupcakes with white frosting ( I could make my own or buy them at Walmart already made), little candies in both red and green, and the top of the ornament attachment. I knew I had some old ornaments at home that I could remove the tops from, but to be safe I bought two dozen at Walmart just in case. Read below for my easy to make ornament cupcake tutorial. Merry Christmas.

Here's what you'll need to make ornament cupcakes

Supplies for ornament cupcakes:

  • White cupcakes with white frosting
  • Red and green candies
  • coconut shreds (optional)
  • Ornament attachments


  1. Start with a frosted white cup cake.
  2. (Optional) dip in coconut shreds. Dip your white cupcake in coconut shreds for a more festive looking ornament cupcake
  3. Decorate with colored candies.
  4. Place ornament attachment to the top of the cupcake.
  5. Place on a cake platter and display in the center of the table. Take a closer look of the ornament cupcake.
  6. Merry Christmas… Enjoy!


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