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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Society Culinaria on behalf of Northgate Norwalk. However all opinions are 100% my own, and I am thrilled to have found this market. It’s a true gem.
The tamale supply section at Northgate Norwalk is well stocked and ready for the holiday season.

I am at the supermarket EVERY single day for one reason or another. I have my list of markets that I frequent for different reasons. Sometimes I have to go to two to three different markets just to find everything I need. Well I think that all just changed. I have found my Mexican Specialty market and I am not looking back. It has EVERYTHING… and I mean EVERYTHING I could possibly want in a Mexican market. Thank the supermarket gods for bestowing Northgate Norwalk upon us.

I was there last week for a look at the newly remodeled market and I was absolutely amazed at how nice it was. They fulfilled all my Mexican Food dreams under one roof. Let me just tell you what they have…

  • A fresh guacamole bar, where a woman is custom making guacamole to your liking.
  • A salsa bar, with a wide variety of salsas ranging from mild to very picoso! They also have their salsas already packaged for a quick grab if time is limited.
  • A tamale bar with 8 different tamales to choose from.
  • A hot food bar with chile rellenos, rajas con queso, rice, beans, chile verde, enchiladas, and a bounty of other Mexican specialty dishes.
  • A salad bar with ready made salads including nopales.
  • An empanada bar where a native Argentinian is making them fresh on the premises.
  • Freshly made tortillas…. they make 5 different types: Corn, Flour, JalapeƱo, Hatch and Chiltepin. I ate mine fresh off the press.
  • A large ceviche and aguachile bar. You can either choose how much you buy or they have the ceviche packaged and ready to go if time is not on your side.
  • They have an insane cake section with freshly made cakes that are reasonably priced. They even sell chocoflan, large brightly colored gelatinas, and arroz con leche.
  • A bakery to rival any panaderia in Los Angeles, with a vast variety of every kind of pan dulce imaginable. They even come in mini sizes. Let’s not forget the hot of the oven bolillos and the artisan bread.
  • They also have churros made to order, and could be filled with sweet crema or cajeta. They believe a churro should be eaten hot and do not let theirs sit.
  • They also have a Mexican candy section that is perfectly sweet with all your favorite authentic candies in stock.
  • Don’t leave Northgate Norwalk without visiting the Aguas Frescas bar. Not only do they have a great selection of daily made aguas… the agua comes in the cutest Loteria adorned cup.

Like I said…. I found my new market. Below is a few photos from the store.

The tortilla bar at Northgate Norwalk makes 4 different types of tortillasThe empanadas at Northgate Norwalk are made by a native Argentinian,The aguas frescos bar at Northgate norwalk has a delicious selection of freshly made aguas.The panaderia at Northgate Norwalk can rival any Mexican bakery in Los Angeles.the candy bar at Northgate Norwalk

Happy Shopping!

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