Holidays At Disneyland 2015, Season Of The Force And Crispy Treat Video

Disclosure: Disneyland provided me with 4 tickets to the park to aid me with my post. All opinions are 100% my own.

It's a Small World shines bright for Disneyland Holidays 2015

Celebrating the holidays at Disneyland is my favorite part of the season. I wait for it, and when it arrives I try and soak up every last morsel of fun the parks have to offer. It seems winter has all of a sudden plunked down in Southern California with this past week being especially cold and Disneyland now officially observing #DisneylandHolidays. I was there last week to watch the lights go bright on It’s A Small World, film a video on how to make holiday crispy treats (see video and recipe below), and get a first look  at Star Wars Season Of The Force. Yes, it was a pinch me moment. I felt like a giddy little girl walking into Disneyland and seeing the giant Christmas tree standing there in all it’s winter wonderland glory.

Majestic Christmas Tree 11_15_DL_15109 (1)

I kept squealing to my friend “We’re at Disneyland” as I jumped in circles around her. It’s that level of excitement that the parks evoke. How could it not, with a dazzling Sleeping Beauty Castle sitting front and center welcoming you into the whimsical world of Disney? Or the thought of a brand new giant gingerbread house waiting to be seen as you float along the Haunted Mansion Holiday hosted by Mr. Jack Skellington himself.

Gingerbead House of CardsS6A8A8398

If the attractions don’t get you there the holiday themed food and treats surely will. The delicious holiday season classic peppermint bark and “snow-capped” dark chocolate peppermint gourmet apples are what I usually look for the moment I get in the parks. I also like to warm up with a cup of hot chocolate or hot apple cider accompanied by a churro, buñuelo, or beignet.

Peace on earth sign in It's a small world Disneyland.

The big attraction this year is StarWars Season of the Force… We can all thank Disneyland for bringing this larger than life cinema saga experience in ride form to the park.  As the Force awakens in Tomorrowland me and my son were jumping out of our skin with Star Wars frenzy. First we rode on Star Tours… it was amazing to get a glimpse into a new galactic adventure from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Pssst, BB8 joined our flight. From there we ran to experience Hyperspace Mountain… it is Space Mountain reimagined for an action packed battle between Rebel X-Wings and Imperial TIE fighters along with a new soundtrack inspired by the films’ musical themes. On a scale from 1 to 10…. I give it an AWESOME 10! We couldn’t stop there… we then ran over to Star Wars Launch Bay where we encountered Chewbacca and Darth Vader. Of course we took a few selfies and got a close up look at authentic replicas of film props.  Season Of the Force wouldn’t be complete without some food from a galaxy far far away…. The Galactic Grill  will feature a dark side and a light side menu, and Pizza Port will offer new Star Wars – inspired menu items. You can always feast your eyes on Star Wars: Path of the Jedi, at Tomorrowland Theatre (a short compilation of the Star Wars saga) and relive stories from the Star Wars saga.

Nicole Presley standing outside of Hyperspace Mountain for Season Of The Force at Disneyland.
Darth by chocolate dessert sold at the Galactic Grill and a BB8 crispy treat
The kids meeting Chewbacca at Star Wars Launch Bay
My selfie with Chewbacca

Holidays at Disneyland…. they are the best. I will continue to soak up the Disneyland and California Adventure fun for as long as the season is in full force! Happy Holidays!


Here is the video I had the privilege of filming in front of the lit up Small World. Watch me get a lesson on how to make holiday crispy treats!

Holiday Crispy Treat – Tips & Tricks – courtesy of Disneyland

This Holiday Crispy Treat may be found at candy shops and locations throughout Disneyland Resort
  1. Use a homemade recipe or directions from your favorite cereals to create crispy treats.
  2. Once the mix is set, use a Mickey Mouse-shaped cookie cutter or your favorite cookie cutter design to create your very own crispy shaped treat.
  3. Dip the face of your crispy treat in your favorite melted chocolate
  4. Place the dipped side of the crispy in your favorite color of sanding sugar.
  5. Add your own festive design to the top of the crispy treat. (Optional: Insert a rounded wood craft stick to the bottom of the crispy treat for decorating ease).
  6. Using your preferred method of decorating tool, create a large snowflake starting with a line of melted chocolate down the middle of the crispy, followed by diagonal lines to create an “X” effect. Continue decorating until you receive your desired look.
  7. Now, it’s ready to eat!
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