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Beat the Labor Day heat with sangria slushy.

Wow…. it has been hot. Let me repeat that, it’s been burning hot. I feel like the summer is just getting started based on the temperature outside but the sad reality is it’s actually coming to an end. Kids are going back to school and Labor Day is officially the last hurrah until we give in to the fall. On that note let’s celebrate Labor Day the right way with some [yellow tail] Sangria Slushies. I’m already envisioning myself sitting with friends outside with a swimming pool near by, enjoying the warm weather with a summer soundtrack filling our ears and singing out loud with no reservations. I feel that excellent music makes any gathering more comfortable and I usually scroll through my music collection and choose all the favorites making it really inviting to sing along. I enjoy drinking Sangria Slushies when celebrating with friends, not to mention they make for a relaxing atmosphere. What better time than Labor Day to officially close out the summer with a splash of Sangria and friends! #CelebraSangria

A cool way to drink [yellow tail] sangria in a slushie form.

Ingredients for sangria slushies:

  • crushed ice
  • club soda
  • [yellow tail] sangria
  • blueberries


  1. Fill glass to the top with crushed ice.
  2. Fill bottom half with club soda.
  3. Top the glass off with [yellow tail] sangriaGently pour [yellow tail] sangria over crushed ice to create slushie.
  4. Sprinkle top with blueberries.
  5. Enjoy!

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Let me tell you a little about [ yellow tail ] Sangria… It’s a delicious mix of citrus and red wine with a enticing aroma that is perfumed with orange rind, citrus and red berry notes. They splash onto the palate with a soft, sweet citrus flavor and hints of spirit. [ yellow tail ] Sangria pairs well with: BBQ/grilled vegetables, and strong cheese (i.e. blue cheese, sharp cheddar, gruyere). [ yellow tail ] Sangria Blanco has tropical fruit flavors of pineapples. Ripe peaches gives the wine a sweet, rounded mouth feel. Fresh limes ensure a crisp, refreshing finish. [ yellow tail ] Sangria Blanco pairs well with: Asian food (think fried vegetable noodles and spicy green beans), fruits, and desserts. With all this goodness…. you may need to run out and get some for your Labor Day celebration. 

[ yellow tail ] Sangria Lifestyle Photo 1

[ yellow tail ] Sangria Blanco Lifestyle Photo

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