Getting Birthday Ideas For My Son

Max at his Star Wars party all cake and supplies were bought at Walmart. Photo taken by Curves and Chaos.  #WMTMoms

Oh my word is he almost a year older? I can’t believe my son will be six in a few weeks. Last year we had a huge Star Wars themed party for him, and I ran around like crazy to accommodate all 150 guests. My friends and family told me I was crazy to have such an insane party for my 5 year old, with so many guests. The way I see it… we had him a first birthday party, then nothing in-between, so why not go big when we do celebrate. Coming up with birthday ideas to fit his Star Wars theme with a lot easier with the help of my favorite one stop shop Walmart. I bought the main cake (star wars themed) and all the cupcakes there. I was thrilled with the selection of party decorations both in store and online. I was able to pull a wonderful party together and my son was the happiest little 5 year old ever.

The burning question is… will you have another big blowout party again for him this year? If I do decide to have a party big or small I know where I can find all the themes he might want. In addition to Walmart having such a complete collection of great party favors they also supply a free smash cake with a large cake purchase. Take a look… you’ll be pleasantly surprised what you find, and even better than that are the prices!

Here are a couple photos of other themes that my boy may be interested in, and Walmart carries it all .




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