Chile Relleno Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Chile relleno grilled cheese sandwich. All ingredients can be bought at Walmart

I was challenged to use  Wonder bread and Kraft singles for a new fun grilled cheese solutions program…. (so Americana). They asked me to add my own spin to the already loved grilled cheese sandwich using the products mentioned above… I decided to make a chile relleno grilled cheese sandwich. I thought it would be the ideal grilled cheese for either breakfast or dinner or anytime really. I waited for the perfect afternoon, when I had a bit of time to myself to just enjoy my sandwich and possibly a sparkling drink. Well that day came and boy was I pleased with my chile relleno grilled cheese sandwich creation. It was exactly what I had imagined, lots of cheesy goodness, with a touch of egg and chile. Mmmmm…. I was both satisfied and happy to add a new grilled cheese to my list of favorites.

ingredients needed for chile relleno grilled cheese sandwich

Ingredients for chile relleno grilled cheese sandwich:

  •  1 – anaheim chile (charred, peeled, and deseeded)
  • a smear of butter
  • 2 – slices wonder bread
  • 2 – kraft singles
  • 1 – egg (cooked)


  1. Place chile over an open flame and char. an anaheim chile roasting over an open flame.
  2. Then allow the chile to steam in an airtight bag for 30 minutes. Then carefully peel chile under a slow stream of water.
  3. Remove stem, slice down the side of chile and deseed. Set to the side. A charred and peeled anaheim chile sliced down the side and deseeded.
  4. Smear a little blue bonnet on one side of bread.
  5. Place a slice of cheese, chile, egg and another slice of cheese on the other side of the bread. Then top with another piece of bread. Smear the top of bread with a little more blue bonnet. bread and cheese an anaheim chile slit for sandwichchile egg and cheese build for grilled cheese
  6. In a small frying pan over a medium flame add in sandwich. Allow it to brown on each side and for cheese to melt. grilled cheese going into a frying pan.
  7. Remove from pan and cut in half. ENJOY! #shareyourcheesy chile relleno grilled cheese sandwich cut in half. #shareyourcheesy

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how to build a chile relleno grilled cheese sandwich. I bought all my ingredients at Walmart .




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