Nacho Fries

Can you really go wrong with Nacho fries? The answer is no. These decadent treat is made with homemade french fries and topped with lots of Cacique goodness, queso quesadilla and crema con sal. Do I need to say more?

Amongst my friends…. I’m the nacho girl. I love EVERYTHING about nachos, especially the melted cheese and crema. Well, for the big game this Saturday I will be serving Nacho Fries for all to dig into. I may have to hog them all for myself, but I guess I wouldn’t be much of a hostess if I did that.  I could pretend I made them for another occasion and eat them secretly. I’ll be a sport (get it sport?) and make a big enough batch for everyone to RA-RA-RA over the game with. Get my recipe for Nacho Fries over on the Cacique website…. you won’t be sorry.

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