Cacique Cheese Toast Recipe

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Ingredients for cheese toast; Cacique Oaxaca cheese, olives, sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms, basil, and prosciutto

My man has been over seas for the last 7 weeks, and every day that he was gone we would chat on the phone, skype, and what apps. I found that one of the reoccuring themes of our conversations revolved around cheese. He would tell me what cheese he had that day or a new cheese he discovered, and how he absolutely loves eating bread and cheese. Bread and cheese is an old love of mine, but I was happy to hear the joy of his new found obsession in his voice and indulge his explanations. He said “When I get home all I want to do is hang out at home for a few days in our pj’s, watch good movies, and eat bread and cheese.” Duly noted.

He got home yesterday and I had the house well supplied with a variety of cheese and bread, and a bunch of good movies ready to go. I told him he could eat his bread and cheese however he liked or I could make him a Cacique Oaxaca cheese sourdough bread toast topped with olives, basil, prosciutto, mushrooms, and sun dried tomatoes. What do you think he went for? It was the perfect movie night. Our little family was back together and we celebrated over my cheese toast recipe. It is so super simple to make and I adopted the European style of buttering the bread first before topping it with cheese. I cut up all fresh ingredients and once the cheese was melted on the toast I carefully topped it with my ingredients and a touch of olive oil. A toast to you and your family movie night from my cheese and bread loving family.

Cacique cheese toast recipe made with Oaxaca cheese, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, basil, olives and prosciutto

Ingredients for Cacique Cheese Toast:

  • sourdough bread
  • butter (room temperature)
  • Cacique Oaxaca cheese (grated)
  • olives (sliced)
  • sun dried tomatoes (julianne)
  • mushrooms (sliced)
  • basil
  • prosciutto
  • a little olive oil


  1. Spread a smear of butter on one side of sourdough bread.
  2. Top with a generous mound of Oaxaca cheese. Grated Cacique Oaxaca cheese on bread
  3. Place toast in a toaster oven and toast until cheese melts, then switch to broiler mode, and broil toast until tops of cheese brown.  melted cheese toast
  4. Sprinkle on the olives, sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms, basil, prosciutto, and drizzle in a light drops of olive oil.
  5. Enjoy!Gourmet cheese toast made on sourdough bread with Cacique Oaxaca cheese

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