Turn A Plain White Cake Into A Festive Treat With These Holiday Cake Ideas

Turn a plain white cake into a gorgeous festive dessert with these holiday cake ideas.

I love spending my time in the kitchen, but during the holiday season I have a million things to do, so anyway I could take a short-cut I do. The other day I needed a festive cake for a party I was attending. I didn’t have time to bake a cake, so I bought a plain white cake from the super market, and thought I would just decorate it myself to give it that special touch I was looking for. While I was there, I found some super cute little candy flowers, green candy balls, meringues, and some sugar cones. I knew once I found the sugar cones that I would be making them into trees. Holiday cake ideas are so easy to come up with, and adding that little special touch really goes a long way, even if it is store bought then decorated at home.

I made the afternoon into a project for me and my son. We made a big batch of royal icing, and colored it red and green. I took the sugar cones and smeared them in the green royal icing, then piped on the red royal icing, and decorated the trees in little candies. I topped the trees off with candy flowers and stuck them on with the green royal icing. These trees make incredible cake toppers. I lined the entire top of the cake in the green candy balls, and placed the meringues around the sides. I found an old fashioned Santa Claus cake decoration and stuck it right in the center. The cake was so adorbs…. it was almost too precious to cut. But then again nothing is to precious when it comes to a delicious cake. If you don’t have time this holiday season this is a great way to impress your guests and still have time to shop.

supplies for festive cake

Holiday cake ideas:

  • a plain white cake
  • meringues
  • green candy balls
  • sugar cones
  • royal icing in both red and green
  • candy flowers
  • candy sprinkles


  1. Start with plain white frosted cake.
  2. Make royal icing. Divide the icing into two parts. Dye one part green and the other part red.
  3. Spread the green royal icing onto a sugar cone to make trees, and allow to dry for 40 minutes. Make trees out of sugar cones and green royal icing.
  4. Pipe the red royal icing around the green cones to look like garland. Then decorate red lines with various candy sprinkles. Top the tree with a candy flower, by spreading a wad of green royal icing to the base of the decoration and pressing it into the point of the top. Allow to dry for an hour. Christamas Trees made of sugar cones to be used as cake toppers
  5. Line the top and the bottom of the cake with green candy balls. Then place the meringues around the edge of the cake.green candy balls line this cake beautifully
  6. Place the christmas trees on top of the cake. Easy holiday cake ideas for a festive season.
  7. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!