Viva Navidad 2014 Disney California Adventure

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. Disneyland Resorts gave me park-hoppers and meal vouchers for my family and I to aid me with my post.

Disney Viva Navidad 2014 parade is the highlight of the Christmas season

This is the scene of Viva Navidad 2014 at Disney California Adventure. It is the most festive little gem of the season. It has everyone on their feet dancing including Mickey and Minnie. This lively parade is inspired by the richness, warmth, and joyous spirit of my Latino culture. It takes place in the Paradise Garden section of DCA, and happens several times a day. The parade starts off with the Three Caballeros, and they are quickly joined by Mariachis, Folklórico dancers, and larger than life “mojiganga” puppets. It is such an amazing experience that Disney is gifting us again for the second year.


Maxie all smiles at the Disney Viva Navidad 2014 parade

Santa makes his appearance at Viva Navidad 2014

The magic of Viva Navidad 2014 doesn’t end there… The entire Paradise Garden is decorated with holly, banners and traditional “papel picado” hand-cut paper art decorations. The festivities really come to life when you get to my favorite subject: The Viva Navidad menu. You can expect an array of popular Mexican food options, such as house-made pozole, chicken mole, street-style tacos, sopes de Barbacoa, Champurrado, sweet tamales, torta al pastor, and cinnamon-dusted buñuelos with caramel sauce.

Pozole at 'Disney ¡Viva Navidad!' DSC_0143

Viva Navidad is my kind of party, make your way over to Disney California Adventure and experience it for yourself….from now to Jan. 6, 2015, as the Happiest Place on Earth Just Gets Merrier. But before I forget, The grand finale of “Disney ¡Viva Navidad!” will be the special five-day celebration of Dia de los Reyes Jan. 2 through 6, 2015 in Paradise Garden. They will be serving the traditional Rosca de Reyes bread, hopefully you don’t get the baby.   Happy Holidays! Feliz Navidad!


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