Talking Holiday Food With Stars Of The Latin Grammys 2014

Selfie at the Latin Grammys 2014

Awww the glitz and the glamour of the Latin Grammys were blinding. Yes, I was on the green carpet this year on behalf of Walmart, as the stars strolled down the walkway to head to the show. It was definitely one of those moments in life where I got a bird’s eye view of how the stars live, what they were wearing, and best of all I got to talk to them about what they will be eating this holiday season. Of course some of the stars were unable to stop and chat, but I did talk to Pepe Aguilar, Pablo Alboran, the guys from MAGIC, and somehow Flavor Flav was there too. Watch the video below to see what they had to say.

The Latin Grammy banner welcoming guests onto the green carpet

Nicole Presley on the green carpet on behalf of Walmart waiting to speak to the stars of the Latin grammys about food

What I also observed about the Latin stars is their passion and flair for life. They do everything big and have such a different approach to everyday occurrences. Even the biggest stars carry a certain kindness in their greetings to each other and other people, even reporters were greeted with a friendly smile and a warm embrace. I am fortunate to have been exposed to the entertainment industry at an early age and continue to run in these circles, but this was the first time I was intimately involved in the Latin music scene, and it was so inviting and warm, not what I expected at all. The day before the actual show I sat in the audience and watched Pitbull and Santana rehearse their set. It was so refreshing to see two major stars treat everyone on the set with such high regard and in a friendly manner. Over all everyone was down to earth…. no divas anywhere.

Pitbull and Chris Brown perform at the Latin Grammy 2014

Thank you Walmart for sending me on this awesome assignment. It was my privilege and pleasure to be able to represent you at a show that is rich with the people of my culture.

Nicole Presley backstage at the Latin Grammy 2014


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