Being Barilla Ambassador

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Barilla, however, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive sentiments towards Barilla or their products.
A display of Barilla pasta and it's many shapes

I live in America, home of the free, where I have a choice to do what I want and buy what I want with hardly any restrictions. It is a liberty I appreciate and never take for granted. Even though my choices are vast and plenty, once I find a brand I believe in, I’m completely brand loyal. The brands I was raised on are more or less the brands I still use today. The brands I have discovered as an adult are even more special to me because this means I found them through some serendipitous moment, or I kissed a handful of frogs before finding my prince. I am a girl that appreciates quality, and will spend on the good stuff to make sure what I’m eating is exactly the way I expect it to taste. That is what Barilla pasta is to me, a quality brand I can rely on and trust. Barilla has been a constant staple in my house since I began experimenting with pasta many moons ago. I find it’s supreme quality partners well with many Latin flavors of my culture, and whether I’m making Italian food or another cultural dish, I know I can depend on good ol’ Barilla to come through in spades. There is just something so special about the pasta in the blue box that keeps me coming back for more time and time again.

A few weeks ago, I was asked to become a Barilla spokesperson. An advocate of sorts who would support the pasta and develop recipes that included Barilla. I jumped at the chance and was able to prove I am a fan from previous blog posts. I’m sure once the powers that be looked over my blog, it became clear that I not only like it… I hands down love it. They felt it was a match made in heaven, and so did I! Next thing I knew, I received a box filled with a variety of Barilla pastas delivered to my doorstep, and there were a few shapes I had never tried before. Yes, new pasta shapes excite me; I’m dorky like that.

I found my hand reaching for the phone, I wanted to ask my friend Andrea (who’s from Italy) how he cooks with these various shapes of pasta. At his suggestion, we planned a Sunday family dinner. That Sunday, he showed up at my doorstep with bags of groceries to complement the Barilla pasta and cooked up a storm. We had a seafood pasta feast. That night as we sat over dinner, I realized family Sunday dinners were a tradition I wanted to implement from this point on, and that I absolutely LOVE being a Barilla spokesperson. Not only has this opportunity brought more shapes of pasta into my life, but it also got a dear friend of mine involved. He taught me how to make one of his many specialties- Italian clam sauce, all while helping me realize family Sunday night dinners is what life is all about. BRAVO Barilla!


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