Taking Control With Virgin Mobile Custom

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Virgin Mobile Custom and Walmart Moms Program. The opinions are entirely my own.

Here’s the deal…. I am a food blogger. I use my phone for EVERYTHING, especially when I’m away from home. I rely on it heavily for taking photos, checking emails, writing notes, recording little videos…. you name it. Well it seems my son is equally as fascinated with my phone as I am, the difference is, he’s not working off of it. He knows how to navigate himself around my phone well enough to actually delete important stuff that I may have FREAK-OUT moment if I lose. He recently deleted a few beauty shots of biscuits, and a how to video I had made on making your bread golden brown on top. Yes, that was the turning point…..Long story short, he can’t play with my phone anymore.

Sooooooo then of course, it’s how do I go about giving my son his own phone? That is a step in unchartered waters for me. I need robust parental controls so I can set curfews and content restrictions on his phone, since I’m handing him his own phone. So many concerns that the wireless gods have now answered!

Have you heard the news about Virgin Mobile Custom, the revolutionary way to buy wireless? No longer do you have to worry about pre-set or overpriced cell phone plans. Plans start at just $6.98 a month, only at Walmart, and provide great coverage on the Sprint Nationwide network. You got the power at the tip of your fingers to control building your plan straight from your phone. You can choose how much you spend each month on talk (voice minutes), text, and data to custom fit you and your family. You can adjust the plan for more or scale it back for less, as often as you like or whenever you like. Talk about convenient. Virgin Mobile Custom is perfect for everyone, especially families with the ability to share a plan across 5 lines.

Maxie welcoming his new phone into his life.


Then there is the parental control portion of this phone that I absolutely love. I can feel confident giving my son his own cell phone and still placing restrictions on usage right from my smartphone. Allowing me to adjust exactly what my child can and cannot do with his phone. Start by simply adding an additional line on to your plan for $6.98 per line. Then you can customize the line to fit to your child’s needs, and still have control with the amount of wireless activity they have access to. You will now be able to have full control of which apps they can use and when, you can even customize down to the time of day. For example: You can turn off You Tube during school hours, or any other app they may not need during the day.

Problem solved…. my boy is happy and so is his Momma.

A diagram of how virgin mobile parental control works



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