How To Blister Shishito Peppers And The Latest From Melissa’s Produce: The Great Pepper Cookbook

Melissa's Produce: The Great Pepper Cookbook

I’ve had my nose stuck in this cookbook lately.  You know the feeling when every page has something new and exciting to offer…. Melissa’s Produce : The Great Pepper Cookbook is doing that for me.  It really is the ultimate guide to choosing and cooking with peppers.  At the start of the book there is what I would call the blueprint of a large selection of chiles and a scale of how hot these chiles/peppers are once they hit the tongue.  Some actually seem combustible and others very mild.  I thought I had a fair share of knowledge on chiles, but I have come to learn so much more.


The Lemon Lime Shrimp and Shishito Peppers is probably my favorite recipe in the book thus far.  I have made it a few times but for some reason, always at night with a circle of friends who eat it all before I can grab a camera.  Never the less it is a must make at home and very easy to make.  I’m also rather partial to the red chile lemonade and all the spicy sweets (desserts) the book has gifted me.  Most of all it has turned me into a shishito believer.  Pictured below is a plate of blistered shishito peppers in a soy sauce and lime sauce I made a while back. For my blistered shishito peppers recipe click over to Que Rica Vida! You won’t be sorry.

How to blister shishito peppers

The Great Pepper Cookbook is an essential staple for any cook who desires spice in the kitchen.  Hot or mild, it’s got it all. Order your copy today!



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