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Move Over Cronut, It’s Time For The NOLA Inspired Croissant-Beignet For Mardi Gras

Good ol’ Mardi Gras is around the corner. I know this because my Aunt is having her annual Mardi Gras party as a segue into lent. She usually does it on Fat Tuesday, but this year will hold it the … Continue reading

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Spicy Sausage Mushroom Lasagna Rolls

Do you see these? The  blend of melty cheese, noodles, spicy sausage, mushroom, and tangy tomato…. Yeah that pretty much sums up the ideal meal for me….. They are a hybrid of my favorite Italian dish and a touch of … Continue reading

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Food Craft: DIY Box Of Chocolates For Valentine’s Day

 My fiancé is very vocal about his likes and dislikes with everything, in this case, candy.  He is always disappointed with the boxes of chocolates that are store bought.  I can tell you exactly what candy he’ll eat and which he … Continue reading

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Ring Pop Cake And Jewelry That Sparkles!

 I pull inspiration from anywhere I’m at.  I look for the edible in almost any object or thing. For instance,  I was looking at the jewelry at Walmart and was pleased to find not only pieces so reasonably priced but … Continue reading

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Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwich: A Cool Valentine’s Day Treat

When I think romance or love…. I associate the two with ice cream.  Don’t ask me why.  I guess I picture a couple sharing a banana spilt or going out on a romantic stroll and stopping for ice cream.  Or … Continue reading

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More Work Is Exactly What We Need!

I am proud to say I work for Walmart.  They do so many things for our nation that no one talks about.  Here are a few things that Walmart does: They are working to become supplied 100% by Renewable Energy, … Continue reading

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Caldo De Costilla De Res

Brrrrrrrrr. It is seriously cold…. not only outside but inside our house too. You see, we have impeccable timing here at Presley’s Pantry.  Let me tell you what happened.  Mando, my fiance, is an insane clean freak, and as usual … Continue reading

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#JungleBook Diamond Edition And A #BareNecessities Cooking Kit Giveaway

    We all watched the Disney classic “The Jungle Book” growing up, and sang the song “bare necessities” without ever realizing what we were even singing. Looking back at this great animated film and listening to the treasured soundtrack, I … Continue reading

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Winter Games: Beef Stroganoff

In just a couple more days the winter games will start in Sochi, Russia. I imagine if I was attending I would there in the middle of blistering cold weather mapping out where all the games would take place. I … Continue reading

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Get Your Mojo On…. It’s Potato Lover’s Month!

I hold my love for Idaho Potatoes in a special place. I hold it there all year long and at certain times it needs to burst out of it’s cozy snuggly place in my heart and show it’s true colors. … Continue reading

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