A Boo-tiful Way To Drink Milk

This is part of a sponsored campaign with the California Milk Processor Board and Latina Mom Bloggers. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

This weekend I will invite little feet into my house…. They will come dressed in costumes. See my son is celebrating Halloween with a few of his friends. I anticipate to see little monsters, cowboys, witches and princess dresses floating around the house. I have all my candy bags packed and ready. I shall be old fashion and have a game of bobbing for apples, except I will add a new twist to it. For the kids who don’t want to participate in games, they can carve pumpkins or sit by the pile of donuts and enjoy a glazed gooey bite.

I wrote out all my invites and let my son decorate them with stickers.  As I handed the invite to one parent she started to tell me how she is trying to encourage her little one to drink more milk. I felt her pain and went over the details of how I got my son to drink milk a few months back. I told her I would gladly be serving milk at my Halloween party and in the meantime here is a coupon of $1.00 off 2 gallons of milk. She said she would share the coupon with her family and friends. I told her if she wasn’t able to get her little one to drink the milk she could always dress the milk up in costume by cooking with it. There is this wonderful collection of MILK recipes on the web just waiting for her to visit.  Or she could always bounce over to the Toma Leche Facebook page, and find a ton of information and milky milk recipes.

Looks like I’ll be serving my milk in a boo-tiful way for the little parade of characters at my Halloween party.

What you’ll need to dress up your cup of milk:

  • Clear glass or plastic cups
  • Black tape
  • x acto knife or scissors
  • milk
  • orange sanding sugar
  • straw
  1. Cut out circle eyes and a mouth out of black tape. 
  2. Stick the circles on the cup to form the face of a ghost. 
  3. Dip the rim of the glass into the milk. 
  4. Then dip the milk rimmed glass into the sanding sugar. 
  5. Fill the glass with milk, and put a straw in it. 
  6. Boo-tiful!



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