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Fried Chicken and Waffles

Down South cooking from the East side of town…. East Los Angeles that is. We are all guilty of having one of those nights where time slips through the cracks and you look down at your watch and see that … Continue reading

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No-Bake Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake

I have to admit the truth, I’m having a full on affair with lemon pastries these days.  Let me apologize to my friends in advance (A-dre, Emma, Kristen and Ericka) these ladies have been trying to get me to eat … Continue reading

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Asparagus Broccoli Egg White Scramble and Melissa’s Produce

I’ve never turned away from an egg.  I could eat eggs for dinner, lunch, breakfast, and I do. Until recently I wouldn’t dream of eating egg whites all by their lonesome….  I wanted the yolk too.  A few weeks ago … Continue reading

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#OutnumberHunger Twitter Party….. Meet Me There!

  Have you ever wanted to help fight hunger for the people of your local community?  Well here is a simple and easy way to do just that.  Please join General Mills, Big Machine Label Group, Feeding America and a … Continue reading

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Baked Potato Asparagus Tart Video

Idaho, Spring Time: After a tossing and turning night of sleep, I awoke from a dream. The vegetable fairy had decided to plant some russet Idaho potatoes from the fall harvest in a beautiful plentiful garden.  It had rained the night … Continue reading

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Pretzel Cheeseburger Slider #RanchRemix

  You see that burger pictured above? That’s my pretzel cheeseburger slider. My family has hailed it as the best burger on the planet. I know your thinking “your family,” but the truth is who else is around to taste … Continue reading

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Sopes! #MasecaNosGusta

This traditional Mexican dish is attached to many fond memories of dinner time with my cousins.  My tia would start her day early making the meat, charring her chiles, chopping onions and tomatoes, and crumbling the cheese.  That was always … Continue reading

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