Halloween Chocolate Worm Cake

The Ooooie Goooie chocolate will draw you in.  The worms will tickle your tongue. This Halloween cake will be the slime of the party.  I made this dessert with rats banging at my back door to get a bite of my worm cake.  I didn’t answer but one managed to get in just in time for cake cutting. Let the festivities begin.


Ingredients for worm cake:

2 – boxes of Devil’s food chocolate cake mix

eggs, water and vegetable oil

2 – can of milk chocolate frosting

1 – bag of gummy worms

chocolate cookie crumbs

Bake cakes according to instruction on the box for a total of four 8 inch cakes. Allow to cool completely.

Place first layer on a cake stand and frost with 1/2 of can of milk chocolate frosting, then add second layer and repeat till done with all cake layers and both cans of frosting.

Then poke holes into cake with a straw and insert gummy worms into holes so they can pop out. Then dust entire cake with cookie crumbs.


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6 Responses to Halloween Chocolate Worm Cake

  1. valerie says:

    Very fun and easy!

  2. Looks great – and easy. I think even *I* could maybe pull this off. Maybe.

  3. pattie says:

    Super awesome! Just pinned.

  4. Monica says:

    So gross that’s hilarious! My kids would love it….

  5. rachel says:

    love the rat – he’s about to get some!

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