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Spicy Cream of Garbanzo Soup and GIVEAWAY!!!!

The first time I had garbanzo beans,  it wasn’t in the form of hummus or as a salad topper in a mixture of beans…. it was in the delicious cream of garbanzo, a silky savory soup that has been visiting … Continue reading

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Milk makes for a good night sleep. GIVEAWAY…. 2 month supply of Leche.

   Book reading is a serious ritual in my house. I like to get cozy and prepare for bed each night, not only for my son but for myself as well. We usually start with dinner, then a bath, and … Continue reading

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Trident- See What Unfolds

I never walk places alone…. But Saturday night had me feeling brave. I was at the Dodger game with my family and naturally instagraming and tweeting my where abouts, when I got a text from a friend saying she was … Continue reading

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Bionico (Mexican Fruit Salad)

“Stop acting like a hungry little monkey”, those words came spilling out of my mouth faster than I could catch them.  I didn’t say it in a mean way,  I just said it as a matter of fact.  You see … Continue reading

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National Guacamole Day, and a video from Avocados From Mexico.

It’s National Guacamole Day, and my house is stocked with bowls of tortilla strips and guacamole.  The man in my house usually watches football on Sundays and with that habit comes snacking.  I say stocked because each room in the … Continue reading

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Chef Aquiles Chavez’s Avocado Enfrijoladas for Mexican Independence Day!

 I still am not sure how I will celebrate Mexican Independence Day this year…. I know there will be a grito contest down the street from me, but I may have had enough of my own gritos with my webisode … Continue reading

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Lisa Quinones-Fontanez…. my vote for Yahoo! Women Who Shine!

This is a picture of Lisa Quinones-Fontanez and her beautiful son Norrin.  I was asked by Yahoo! recently to nominate a woman that shines…. There are many woman I know who shine, but Lisa’s story and what she represents is … Continue reading

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Webisode 4: Picadillo

Welcome to September, National Potato Month and Latino Heritage Month.  I am a proud Latina who loves to eat papas and found this to be the perfect time to have my celebratory hat on for this Picadillo recipe.  It is … Continue reading

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Riverside School Cafeterias are Changing for the Best

I don’t usually drive an hour and a half out of my way in the dead of heat to visit a high school cafeteria. That’s exactly what I did last month when  I was invited to come to Arlington High … Continue reading

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It’s Bedtime…. Drink a glass of Milk to help you sleep better.

A few months ago I was having a really difficult time getting my 3 year old son Max to lay down and go to sleep at night.  I use to allow him to take these ridiculously long naps during the day because … Continue reading

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